Behold Aherlow: The Glen from Bansha to Galbally

A book by Michael Lynch

The Glen of Aherlow: image two

The Glen of Aherlow: image one

Glen of Aherlow.

Muskry Lake

Rainbow over Aherlow.

Water flowing through Aherlow.

Dazzling green Aherlow.
Nature has presented us with a valley of stunning beauty, bounded by mountains and hills, landscaped by lakes, forests and a meandering river and enhanced by heritage sites, sacred wells, glorious walks, small villages and above all the welcoming people of the Glen. All of these characteristics combine to give the Glen a rare distinctiveness.

                                              M.J. Lynch.

                               Extract from Behold Aherlow

Everyone has his or her own favourite walk in the Glen. Mine is the hike to Lake Muskry. The sense that one has upon seeing Muskry Lake is of being let in on one of nature’s precious secrets. The walk to Muskry is remarkable in itself, but it gives no notice of the natural wonder that waits at the top. The lake is not visible until you reach the top of the final steep climb.  Then it opens out below you, brooding and still, bounded by the deep green walls of the surrounding hills.  The place is beautiful in its ruggedness: it is not too difficult to imagine the violence of the movement of earth, rocks and ice that cut their way through the mountains.


                 Praise for the book from The Limerick Leader

Michael's book is the result of a couple of years of painstaking research and many hours of collecting anecdotal evidence from many residents of the Glen.

Part of the charm and value of "Behold Aherlow" is the way the book blends the historical and the personal in the author's unobtrusive and easy writing style. The book is a portrait of a place and people and it is as entertaining as it is historically significant. The role of the Lynch family in the War of Independence is treated with honesty and frankness.


                               Purchasing Behold Aherlow

If you would like to purchase your own copy of Behold Aherlow, please contact Betty Lynch at Sweet Briar, Rosanna, Tipperary Town (tel) 062.51995. Alternatively, send mail to The book costs €20 plus postage: €1.85 within Ireland and €4.30 elsewhere.

Aherlow in storm

Light mist over Aherlow

Galtymore in snow.

Mount Galteemore.

View across Aherlow.

Glen in spring.

Aherlow in summer.