Through intricate motions ran
Stream and gliding sun
And all my heart seemed gay:
Some stupid thing that I had done
Made my attention stray.

Repentance keeps my heart impure;
But what am I that dare
Fancy that I can
Better conduct myself or have more
Sense than a common man?

What motion of the sun or stream
Or eyelid shot the gleam
That pierced my body through?
What made me live like these that seem
Self-born, born anew?

Stream and Sun at Glendalough - William Butler Yeats

Graves at Glendalough
St Kevin's cross, a high cross
Sunlight pours down on Glendalough
Graves at Glendalough
The round tower and graveyard
Mountains beyond Glendalough
Glendalough with hillside beyond
St Kevin's kitchen caught in sunlight
The round tower
St Kevin's kitchen, in reality an old church
The ruins seen from a distance
Stream at Glendalough
The entrance stone - touching it was supposed to provide protection
Glendalough's tower seen from a distance
The ruins of the monastery
Grave of a youth who died in 1798
The woods around Glendalough
The way between the ruined monastery and the Upper Lak
The hillside above the Upper Lake
The Upper Lake
Visitors and swans at the Upper Lake of Glendalough

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