The 1848 Rebellion

William Smith O'Brien
Thomas Meagher
The Rebellion
Monument to Smith O'Brien

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Table of Contents

The Young Ireland Movement
The  Rising
Key Republicans
Other Resources
Old Ireland News

The Young Ireland Movement

Young Ireland Ohio University
Young Ireland Wikipedia
The Young Irelanders The Ballards
Young Ireland and the Fenians Library Ireland

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Key Republicans

William Smith O'Brien (1803 - 1864) Clare People
William Smith O'Brien (1803 - 1864) gobnait at eircom
William Smith O'Brien Searc's Web
William Smith O'Brien Wikipedia
Riches of Clare: William Smith O'Brien Clare Library
John Mitchel Wikipedia
John Mitchel (1815 - 1875) Australian Dictionary of Biography
Extracts from John Mitchel's Jail Journal Irish History Links
James Stephens Cork University
James Stephens is dead - 1901 newspaper article New York Times
Charles Gavin Duffy Searc's Web
Thomas Davis Wikipedia
Thomas Davis Cork University
Thomas Meagher Spartacus Schoolnet
Thomas Francis Meagher Wikipedia
Thomas Francis Meagher (1823 - 1867) Civil War Home
Thomas Francis Meager 1911 Encyclopedia
Brigadier General Thomas F Meager The History Net
The Amazing Life of Waterford's Favourite Son (Meagher) Rick Steves
James Fintan Lalor Wikipedia
John O’Mahony History Ireland

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The Rising

Ballingarry Wikipedia
Young Irelander Rebellion of 1848 Wikipedia
The Battle of Widow McCormack's Cabbage Patch BBC
The Young Ireland Rising: The Rising, background and aftermath An Phoblacht

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Other Resources

Ballingarry: Famine Warhouse 1848
Famine Warhouse, 1848 Heritage Ireland
Speech: Rededication of Thomas Meagher Statue Montana government
Origins of the Irish Flag infoplease
What's the symbolism of the Irish flag? factmonster
'The Felon's Track' by Michael Doheny Gutenburg
'The Last Conquest of Ireland (Perhaps)' by John Mitchel (on-line book) Library Ireland
Lord John Russell Victorian Web
Marx on Lord Russell
James Whiteside: Lord Chief Justice of Ireland Turtle Bunbury
The Catholic church in the mid to late 19th century
The life of Eva of The Nation Irish Historian
'A Nation Once Again' Wikipedia
Royal Irish Constabulary members killed in action, 19th century Police Memorial
William Smith O'Brien collection (summary) National Library of Ireland

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Old Ireland News

All links to the Ireland Old News site for the years 1848 - 1849. More detailed entries are marked in bold.
Cavan, January 1848 Clare, January 1848 Cavan, February 1848 Clare, February 1848
Clare, March 1848 Waterford, March 1848 Cavan, April 1848 Cavan, May 1848
Clare, May 1848 Cavan, June 1848 Clare, July 1848 Cavan, July 1848
Cavan, August 1848 Clare, August 1848 Cavan, Sept 1848 Cavan, October 1848
Limerick, October 1848 Cavan, Nov 1848 Clare, Nov 1848 Limerick, Nov 1848
Cavan, Dec 1848 Clare, Dec 1848 Cavan, Jan 1849 Cork, Jan 12th 1849
Cavan, Feb 1849 Kerry, Feb 1849 Cavan, March 1849 Clare, March 1849
Cork, March 30th 1849 Cavan, April 1849 Clare, April 1849 Cavan, May 1849
Clare, May 1849 Mayo, May 1849 Armagh, May 3rd 1849 Armagh, May 10th 1849
Armagh, May 17th 1849 Armagh, May 24th 1849 Armagh, May 31st 1849 Cavan, June 1849
Mayo, June 1849 Clare, June 1849 Belfast, 15th June 1849 Armagh, June 7th 1849
Armagh, June 14th 1849 Armagh, June 21st 1849 Armagh, June 28th 1849 Cavan, July 1849
Clare, July 1849 Mayo, July 1849 Armagh, July 5th 1849 Armagh, July 12th 1849
Armagh, July 19th 1849 Cavan, August 1849 Clare, August 1849 Mayo, August 1849
Armagh, August 2nd 1849 Armagh, August 9th 1849 Armagh, August 16th 1849 Armagh, August 23rd 1849
Armagh, August 30th 1849 Cavan, Sept 1849 Clare, Sept 1849 Mayo, Sept 5th 1849
Armagh, Sept 6th 1849 Armagh, Sept 13th 1849 Armagh, Sept 20th 1849 Armagh, Sept 27th 1849
Cavan, October 1849 Clare, October 1849 Mayo, October 3rd 1849 Armagh, October 4th 1849
Armagh, October 11th 1849 Armagh, October 18th 1849 Armagh, October 25th 1849 Cavan, November 1849
Armagh, Nov 1st 1849 Mayo, Nov 7th 1849 Armagh, Nov 8th 1849 Armagh, Nov 15th 1849
Armagh, Nov 22nd 1849 Armagh, Nov 29th 1849 Cavan, December 1849 Clare, December 1849
Mayo, Dec 5th 1849 Armagh, Dec 6th 1849

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