Daniel O'Connell and Catholic Emancipation

Daniel O'Connell
A Monster Meeting
Meeting of the Repeal Association
A cartoon showing the conflicting pressure on Irish voters

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Table of Contents

The Catholic Association
Catholic Emancipation
Daniel O'Connell
The Campaign
Prominent Individuals
Other Resources
Ireland Old News

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The Catholic Association

The Catholic Association Wikipedia
The Catholic Association The Peel Web
The Catholic Association BBC
Daniel O'Connell and the Catholic Association Sligo Man

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Catholic Emancipation

Catholic Emancipation Victorian Web
Catholic Emancipation ~kthomas at eircom.net
Daniel O'Connell and Emancipation Cork University
Catholic Emancipation, 1823 - 29: from 'A Concise History of Ireland' by P.W. Joyce Library Ireland
The Catholic Relief Act, 1829 Wikipedia
The Catholic Relief Act (1829) Hitchhiker's Guide
Roman Catholic Relief Act 1829 UK Legislation
An Act for the Relief of His Majesty's Roman Catholic Subjects (13 April 1829) History Home
Forty Shilling Freeholders Wikipedia
Property has its duties as well as its rights BBC
Catholic Emancipation Peel Web
The Maynooth Grant, 1845 Victorian Web
The Maynooth Grant Wikipedia
Catholic Emancipation Victorian Web
How the Irish Catholics, under the leadership of Daniel O'Connell, won Catholic Emancipation Library Ireland
Manuscripts and Special Collections: Catholic Emancipation Nottingham University
Milestone of royal assent marks 174 years of Catholic Emancipation Irish Identity
Wellington, 'Correspondence on Catholic Emancipation, 1829' Cork University
Wellington on Irish Catholics History Home

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Daniel O'Connell

Daniel O'Connell: 1775 - 1847 Clare Library
Daniel O'Connell Spartacus Schoolnet
Daniel O'Connell Victorian Web
Daniel O'Connell The Irish Society
Daniel O'Connell Cork University
Daniel O'Connell 1775 - 1847: Politician Ireland's Eye
Daniel O'Connell NMDB
Duels, debts and love affairs - the real Daniel O'Connell Guardian
Daniel O'Connell Wikipedia
Daniel O'Connell New Advent
Punch attacks Daniel O'Connell Irish Historian
Daniel O'Connell Hitchhiker's Guide
Daniel O'Connell about.com
Daniel O'Connell - a biography Ireland Information
Daniel O'Connell New World Encyclopedia
Daniel O'Connell (1775 - 1847) Frank Delaney

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The Campaign

Emancipation refused BBC
Daniel O'Connell's Election Manifesto, 1828 History Home: Peel Web
Catholic Rent Wikipedia
Tithe War 1831 - 36 Wikipedia
Tithe Defaulters in 1831 datatree at alphalink
The Year of the Great Repeal: O'Connell's Speech in 1843 Peel Web
'In Favour of Repeal of the Union', O'Connell's speech at Mullaghmast, 1843 bartleby.com
The Great Repeal Fight; the End of O'Connell ~kthomas at eircom.net
Hidden Connections: the Campaign for Catholic Emancipation Culture Northern Ireland
The Catholic Emancipation Passed Ireland History

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Prominent Individuals
Lady Morgan (Sydney Owenson) Wikipedia
Sydney Owenson sydneyowenson.com
Thomas Moore Nagoya University
Robert Peel Spartacus Schoolnet
Theobald Mathew, Temperance Campaigner New Advent
Theobald Mathew, Temperance Reformer Wikipedia
Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland Wikipedia

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Other Resources

Chapter from Memoir of Ireland Native and Saxon, by Daniel O'Connell Irish History Links
A Chapter of Horrors: Daniel O'Connell and the Working Class, by James Connolly Marxist net
The Establishment of the Poor Law System Ask About Ireland
The Irish Poor Law Act Clare Library
The Total Abstinence Society Heritage Patrimoine
Peel and Ireland: 1841 - 46 History Home: Peel Web
The Irish Wake RIP.ie
Origins of the Pattern ~ronolan at iol.ie
'How Rome seized power' Ian Paisley's site
The Politics of Irish Literature The Astonisher
European Nationalism History Teacher
Emancipation, Repeal, the Famine and Young Ireland Ask About Ireland
Froude's last lecture: Ireland from the year '98 to Catholic Emancipation New York Times

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Ireland Old News: 1823 - 1844

All links are to the Ireland Old News site www.irelandoldnews.com

More detailed entries are marked in bold.

Galway, January 1823 Galway, February 1823 Galway, March 1823 Galway, April 1823

Belfast, May 1823 Galway, May 1823 Dublin, May 1823 Galway, June 1823

Galway, August 1823 Galway, September 1823 Galway, October 1823 Cork, October 1823

Galway, November 1823 Galway, December 1823 Galway, January 1824 Fermanagh, January 1st, 1824

Fermanagh, January 8th, 1824 Fermanagh, January 15th, 1824 Fermanagh, January 22nd, 1824 Fermanagh, January 29th, 1824

Galway, February 1824 Fermanagh, February 5th, 1824 Fermanagh, February 12th, 1824 Fermanagh, February 19th, 1824

Fermanagh, February 26th, 1824 Galway, March 1824 Fermanagh, March 4th, 1824 Fermanagh, March 11th, 1824

Galway, April 1824 Galway, May 1824 Galway, June 1824 Galway, July 1824

Galway, August 1824 Cork, August 1824 Cavan, August 1824 Cavan, September 1824

Galway, September 1824 Cavan, October 1824 Galway, October 1824 Cavan, November 1824

Cavan, November 1824 Galway, November 1824 Galway, December 1824 Galway, January 1825

Clare, January 1825 Clare, February 1825 Clare, March 1825 Cavan, March 1825

Clare, April 1825 Cavan, April 1825 Clare, May 1825 Cavan, May 1825

Cavan, June 1825 Cork, June 1825 Clare, July 1825 Cavan, July 1825

Clare, August 1825 Cavan,  August 1825 Clare, November 1825 Clare, December 1825

Kilkenny, October 1826 Kilkenny, December 1826 Kilkenny, January 1827 Clare, January 1827

Kilkenny, February 1827 Clare, February 1827 Clare, March 1827 Clare, April 1827

Clare, May 1827 Kilkenny, May 1827 Clare, June 1827 Clare, July 1827

Clare, August 1827 Kilkenny, August 1827 Clare, September 1827 Clare, October 1827

Clare, November 1827 Kilkenny, November 1827 Clare, December 1827 Newry, January 1st, 1828

Newry, January 4th, 1828 Newry, January 8th, 1828 Newry, January 11th, 1828 Newry, January 15th, 1828

Newry, January 18th, 1828 Newry, January 22nd, 1828 Newry, January 25th, 1828 Newry, January 29th, 1828

Newry, February 1st, 1828 Newry, February 5th, 1828 Newry, February 8th, 1828 Newry, February 12th, 1828

Newry, February 15th, 1828 Newry, February 19th, 1828 Newry, February 22nd, 1828 Newry, February 25th, 1828

Newry, February 29th, 1828 Newry, March 4th, 1828 Newry, March 7th, 1828 Newry, March 11th, 1828

Newry, March 14th, 1828 Newry, March 18th, 1828 Newry, March 21st, 1828 Newry, March 25th, 1828

Newry, March 28th, 1828 Kilkenny, May 1828 Clare, November 1828 Clare, March 1829

Tipperary, October 1829 Limerick, July 1831 Cork,  October 1831 Donegal, January 6th 1832

Donegal, January 13th 1832 Clare, May 1832 Clare, June 1832 Clare, July 1832

Clare, June 1833 Clare, August 1833 Clare, July 1834 Clare, September 1834

Clare, April 1835 Clare, May 1835 Clare, August 1835 Clare, November 1835

Clare, January 1836 Clare, February 1836 Clare, March 1836 Clare, July 1836

Clare, August 1836 Clare, October 1836 Clare, January 1837 Clare, March 1837

Clare, May 1837 Clare, June 1837  Louth, June 24th, 1837 Louth, July 1st, 1837

Clare, August 1837 Clare, October 1837 Clare, January 1838 Clare, Feburary 1838

Galway, June 1838 Clare, July 1838 Tipperary, September 1838 Clare, December 1838

Monaghan, January 12th, 1839 Monaghan, January 17th, 1839 Clare, February 1839 Tipperary, March 1839

Clare,  April 1839 Clare, May 1839 Galway,  August 1839 Clare, September 1839

Limerick, September 1839 Clare, November 1839 Cork, November 1839 Limerick, November 1839

Clare, December 1839 Clare, January 1840 Galway, February 1840 Clare, February 1840

Galway, March 1840 Limerick, March 1840 Clare, March 1840 Galway, April 1840

Clare, May 1840 Galway, May 1840 Galway, June 1840 Limerick, June 1840

Galway, July 1840 Galway, August 1840 Galway, September 1840 Galway, October 1840

Galway, November 1840 Galway, December 1840 Clare, February 1841 Clare, March 1841

Clare, July 1841 Clare,  September 1841 Cork, September 1841 Clare, December 1841

Clare, June 1842 Clare, August 1842 Clare, October 1842 Cork, January 1843

Belfast, May 1843 Clare, April 1843 Cork, June 1843 Clare, November 1843

Clare, January 1844 Cork, January 1844 Clare, February 1844 Cork, February 1844

Clare, March 1844 Roscommon, March 1844 Cork, March 1844 Cork, April 1844

Derry, April 13th, 1844 Derry, April 20th, 1844 Derry, April 20th, 1844 Cork, May 1844

Derry, May 4th, 1844 Derry, May 11th, 1844 Derry, May 18th, 1844 Cork, June 1844

Clare, June 1844 Cork, July 1844 Clare, July 1844 Clare, August 1844

 Belfast, August 1844 Cork, September 1844 Clare, September 1844 Tyrone, November 8th, 1844

Tyrone, November 15th, 1844 Tyrone, November 22nd, 1844 Clare, December 1844 Armagh, December 3rd 1844

Armagh, December 10th, 1844 Armagh,  December 17th, 1844 Armagh,  December 24th, 1844 Armagh, December 31st, 1844

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