The Christianisation of Ireland

The High Cross at Monasterboice St Patrick Medieval portrait of St Patrick Ruins of Mellifont Abbey

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Table of Contents

Saint Patrick
Early Christianity: Leaders and Theology
Culture and Society in Early Christian Ireland
Irish Monks and Monasteries
Kings and Clans

Saint Patrick

Wikipedia article on Saint Patrick Wikipedia
Sub-Roman Britain (including St Patrick's role)
Stories of the Saints: Saint Patrick Monastic Ireland
Saint Patrick and the Irish Kings
Official Chronology of St Patrick, Apostle of Ireland
St Patrick Irish Society
St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin Cathedral website
St Patrick and the druid priests What Saith the Scripture
Confession of St Patrick Island Guide
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Early Christianity: Leaders and Theology

The Venerable Bede and Ireland Irish History Links
Early Christian doctrine on Jesus Christ
Christian Gaul New Advent
Introduction of Christianity to Ireland wesleyjohnston
Palladius, First Bishop of the Christians in Ireland Wikipedia
The Pelagian Heresy Wikipedia
Pelagius and Pelagianism New Advent
Religion in Ancient Ireland
Early Christian History Wikipedia
Christianity in Ireland yourirish
St Columba Wikipedia
Adomnán of Iona Wikipedia
Anglican Timeline
The Rise of Christian Monasticism religionfacts
Celtic Christianity Wikipedia
Irish Saints Wikipedia
The Coming of Christianity to Ireland Do Chara
More Early Christianity links Irish History Links
The Celtic Church in Ireland Irish Christian
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Culture and Society in Early Christian Ireland

Ireland's Golden Age Rootsweb
The Irish Celts ancientweb
Celtic Culture Wikipedia
Early Christian Ireland (1 of 6 parts) libraryireland
Irish Monastic schools libraryireland
Ireland in the Early Christian Period crowdog
Ogham and the Irish in Britain Island Guide
Ogham Wikipedia
The Ogham Alphabet omniglot
Art and society before and during the early Christian period
Early Celtic Poetry Cork University
Translating Ancient Ogham Script
Virtual Secrets
Romano-British culture Wikipedia
Hibernia Wikipedia
Irish High Crosses Megalithic Ireland
Early Christian Ireland (images and facts about crosses) cronews at
Irish 'Dead Sea Scrolls' found in bog BBC
Bog Discovery Hailed as Ireland's Dead Sea Scrolls Guardian
Ireland worker finds ancient psalms in bog physorg
The Annals of Ulster University of Cork
Marriage Customs University of Cork
Brehon Law Woodland League
The Brehon Laws
The Brehon Laws Wikipedia
Early Irish Law Wikipedia
The Brehon Laws and their Impact on Society kavanaghfamily
Lebor Gabála Érenn - The Book of The Taking of Ireland Wikipedia
Irish Pedigrees or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation araltas
The Art of the Celtic Scribe mccelticdesign
Boaire (farmer) Wikipedia
Farming in Early Ireland libraryireland
Food in Early Ireland Black Rose
Halloween's Celtic Roots
Origins of the Irish May Day Festival libraryireland
County Clare folk tales and myths: early Christian period Clare Library
Folklore ireland-information
Early Christian Life BBC
Early Christianity (for children) Ask About Ireland
Early Christian Art in Ireland Visual Arts Cork
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Irish Monks and Monasteries

Early Christian Period ireland-information
Fortress Ireland
Monasteries of Ireland Catholic Links
Clonmacnoise - Ireland's Early Christian Monastic Settlement moytura
Clonmacnoise Notre Dame University
Monasticism in Ireland University of North Carolina
Isle of Iona isle-of-iona
Monasteries and Saints of Ireland Monastic Ireland
Early Churches libraryireland
A List of Monasteries in Ireland Go Ireland
Early Christian Sites in Ireland Early Christian Ireland
A Monk in Early Christian Ireland Socyberty
Kevin of Glendalough Wikipedia
Views of Glendalough Irish Historian
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Kings and Clans

Kings of Tara Wikipedia
The Descent of the Irish Celtic Kings ldolphin
High King of Ireland Wikipedia
The Uí Néill Wikipedia
The Uí Néill Rootsweb
Eóganachta Wikipedia
People, Places and Provinces Rootsweb
New Kingdoms Rootsweb
Nationality and Kingship in Pre-Norman Ireland University of Cork
The Túath - People or Place?
The Irish Kings of Dalriada magma
Irish Dalriada macinnes
Proto-heraldry in Early Christian Ireland araltas
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Seventh and Eighth Century Ireland Rootsweb
Eighth and Ninth Century Ireland Rootsweb
Ninth and Tenth Century Ireland Rootsweb

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