The Civil War

Michael Collins
State troops during the Civil War
Chaos during the civil war
Snipers in the Civil War

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Table of Contents

Civil War Overviews
Prominent Individuals
Events of the Civil War
The Free State Government
Northern Ireland
Other Resources

Civil War Overviews

The Irish Civil War and Stabilisation of Northern Ireland Wesley Johnston
Why there was a civil war in Ireland 1916 Rising
Churchill: The Stricken World 1917 - 1922
Election and Civil War; The Boundary Commission; Loosening the Ties History World
The Irish Civil War Wikipedia
The Civil War General Michael Collins
The Irish Free State and the Civil War BBC
The Irish Civil War BBC
The Irish Civil War Fame of Tipperary Group

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Prominent Individuals

Arthur Griffith Wikipedia
Arthur Griffith Cork University
Gallery: Arthur Griffith Cork University
Michael Collins Wikipedia
Michael Collins: The Lost Leader ~obrienc at
Chronology of Michael Collins Cork University
Michael Collins BBC
Rory O'Connor Wikipedia
Tom Barry Searc's Web
Liam Mellows Wikipedia
Ernie O'Malley University College Dublin
Eamon de Valera Wikipedia
Eamon de Valera Clare Library
Eamon de Valera University College Dublin
Two Irish Heroes (Reggie Dunne, Joe O'Sullivan) Graham Stevenson
Erskine Childers: Patriot or Traitor? Irish Society
Eoin MacNeill Wikipedia
Eoin MacNeill Cork University
Kevin O'Higgins Cork University
Winston Churchill
William Cosgrave Wikipedia
Liam Lynch Irish Democrat

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Events of the Civil War

Battle of Dublin (1922) Wikipedia
Irish Free State Offensive Wikipedia
Executions during the Irish Civil War Wikipedia
Death of Michael Collins General Michael Collins
The Assassination of Michael Collins: What Happened At Béal na mBláth? Collins Assassination blog
Photograph of the ruins of O'Connell Street, Sept 1922 Cork University
Dáil Éireann debate November 1923: Prisoners on hunger strike Oireachtas historical debates
Internment in the twenty-six counties, 1922 - 1973 Irish resistance books
North Kerry in the Irish Civil War Rootsweb
Paper publishes list of boys burnt out of orphanage in 1922 BBC

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The Free State Government

The First Provisional Government Wikipedia
The Second Dáil Wikipedia
Irish General Election, 1922 Wikipedia
The Third Dáil Wikipedia
Irish General Election, 1923 Wikipedia
Cumann na nGaedhal Wikipedia
Seanad Éireann Wikipedia
The Constitution of the Irish Free State (Saorstát Eireann) Act, 1922 Cork University
The Fourth Dáil Wikipedia
The Irish Senate elections of 1925 ARK

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Northern Ireland

Government of Ireland Act 1920 Wikipedia
The Partition of Ireland Wikipedia
James Craig, 1st Viscount Craigavon Wikipedia
James Craig Cork University
Civil Authorities (Special Powers) Act (Northern Ireland) 1922 CAIN
The Creation of Northern Ireland Public Records Office of NI
Boundary Commission Wikipedia
The fixing of the Irish border, 1923 - 38 BBC
Irish Feud (The Irish Feud over the Boundary Question) Time
From RIC to RUC Royal Ulster Constabulary
Royal Ulster Constabulary: Early History Wikipedia
Northern Ireland: Troubles Brewing CAIN
Anti-Catholicism in Northern Ireland, 1922 - 1998 CAIN
Gerrymandering in Northern Ireland (published 1964) CAIN
The Irish Civil War and Stablisation of Northern Ireland Wesley Johnston

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Other Resources

The Anglo-Irish Treaty: Seed of 'the Troubles' The Wild Geese
The Irish Republican Army (1922 - 1969) Wikipedia
Legion of the Rearguard (song) Irish Lyrics
Irish Civil War veteran dies at 105 BBC

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