Early Ireland

Ring fort Newgrange
Stone tomb
Iron Age Fort

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Foward to the Christianisation of Ireland

Table of Contents
Overviews of Pre-Christian Ireland
Tombs and Archaeological Finds
Art and Culture
Society, War and Politics

Overviews of Pre-Christian Ireland

Neolithic Ireland wesleyjohnston
The Neolithic Age (focus on Scotland) Neolithic Scotland
Stone Age Ireland Rootsweb
Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages Rootsweb
The Arrival of the Celts wesleyjohnston
Ancient Irish History: Mesolithic, Neolithic and Iron Age Ireland yourirish
Celts in Britain (British focus) BBC
The Gaels Wikipedia
Hibernia (the Romans and Ireland) Wikipedia
The Geography of Ancient Ireland  Creighton University
Pre-Christian Ireland libraryireland
Prehistoric Inishowen Irish History Links
Ireland in Prehistory Knowth.com
Prehistoric Ireland: Ancient Sites in Ireland Sacred Destinations
Prehistoric Ireland Wikipedia
Ancient Ireland Europe Cities
Ancient Ireland, a Brief History Ireland Now
Ancient Ireland Electric Scotland
Pre-Christian Ireland: from the first settlers to the Early Celts newgrange.com

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Tombs and Archaeological Finds

A Brief Guide to Irish Archaeological Sites iol.ie
Ringforts Wikipedia
Archeology in Ireland Irish Heritage Council
The Burren Ringfort burrenforts.ie
Ringforts: Monuments of County Clare clarelibrary
Newgrange Wikipedia
Newgrange jahtruth
The Irish Orion mythicalireland
National Museum of Ireland: Archaeology museum.ie
The Archaeology of Ancient Ireland Creighton University
Ireland Archaeology Links - websites and recommended books cyberpursuits
Archaeology in the Greenbox Greenbox
Hill of Tara Megalithic Ireland
Ancient Ireland's Hill of Tara Little Shamrocks
Iron Age 'bog bodies' unveiled BBC
Murdered 'bog men' found with hair gel, manicured nails National Geographic
Bog bodies peatlandsni
Ancient Ireland: A Study in the Archaeology and History Google Books
Celtic Metalwork Art Visual Arts Cork
Fulacht fiadh Wikipedia

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Art and Culture

Early Irish Art sacred-texts
Life in Bronze Age Ireland wesleyjohnston
The Earliest Currency in Ireland irishcoinage
Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions sacred-texts
Druidery Wikipedia
Druids: Their Functions and Powers alia.ie
Bards Wikipedia
Celtic Poems and Prayers Poet Seers
The Bards of Ireland libraryireland
Ancient Irish Music libraryireland
Ancient Music of Ireland Pybertra
Fili (pre-Christian poets and philosophers) Wikipedia
What were druids, fili, and bards Digital Medievalist
The Old Irish Language Wikipedia
A History of the Irish Language Ireland's Eye
Irish Mythology Wikipedia
Irish Legends about.com
Fionn mac Cumhaill Wikipedia
Cuchulainn - the Hound of Ulster ireland-information
The Ulster Cycle maryjones
The Ulaid Cycle timelessmyths
The Ulster Cycle The Ulster Cycle
The Book of Invasions timelessmyths
Milesian Genealogies Rootsweb
Ancient Ireland. Her Milesian chiefs, her kings and princes Google Books
The Story of the Irish Race kthomas
The Divine Races of Ancient Ireland Theosophy Northwest
Legendary Celtic Women yesss.club.fr
Ancient Irish names libraryireland
Song of Amergin amergin.net
Ancient Ireland: Life Before the Celts Google Books
Food in Ancient Ireland Black Rose
The foods of old Ireland Sceala
Ireland - Art and Culture Ireland By

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Society, War and Politics

Romans in Ireland? archeology.org
Romans in Ireland? Wikipedia
Roman influences and Irish colonies Wesley Johnston
Barbarian Conspiracy From Dot to Domesday
The Ulaid Wikipedia
The Brigantes britainexpress
Kings of Connacht Wikipedia
The Dál Riata Wikipedia
The Irish Scots of Dalriada - or were they? broughtysands
Collective Responsibility and Social Order in Early Medieval Ireland ~archeaology at eircom.net
Early Irish Tribal Origins iol.ie
The High Kings of Ireland History Files
The High Kings of Ireland Angelfire
The Kings of Pagan Ireland libraryireland
The Brehon Laws irish-society
Brehon Law and the Primary Law of the Temple of Danann Danann
Uniting of Scots and Picts - 843 Electric Scotland
Legendary Events Rootsweb
Warrior Lovers in Ancient Ireland Historic Romance
The Irish Clan System: The Original Lineage Society! Irish Genealogical
Understanding the Ancient Irish Clan System MacMaoláin
Celts Social System Family Ancestry
Social classes of the Celts Angelfire

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