The Easter Rising

The General Post Office in ruins Proclamation of the Republic Patrick Pearse

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Table of Contents

The Rebels
Other Key Individuals
Events of the Easter Rising
The Aftermath
Ireland and the First World War
The 1918 Election
Other Resources


The Rising
~kthomas at
Easter Rising 1916 Irish Roots
Easter Rising 1916 Easter 1916
The Easter Rising: Dublin 1916 First World War
The insurrection of Easter 1916 Anarchists
Easter 1916: The fight for Irish freedom Ireland for visitors
The Rising, with an emphasis on Pearse Wild Geese
Ireland: Easter Rising 1916 British National Archives
The 1916 Rising Taoiseach's website
The Rising, with casualty figures BBC
Casualties in the Easter Rising Dublin Fusiliers
Dublin flames kindled a nation's spirit ~dluby at
Easter Rising 1916 Ireland's Eye
The 1916 Easter Rising History Learning Site
The Easter Rising 1916 Essortment
The Easter Rising of 1916 - A New Dawn for Irish Independence Go Ireland
Irish Easter Rising On War
The Easter Rising: Dublin 1916 First World War site
The Easter Rising in Dublin, 1916 Ego4U
Ireland: 1916 Easter Rising Workers Power
Easter Rising (video) Timelines TV
The Easter Rising GCSE History
Easter Rising 1916 Irish Drinking Songs
The Easter Rising Guardian
Conflicts in Ireland: the Easter Rising Tipperary Fame at eircom
Easter Rising Ireland's Own

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The Rebels

Patrick Pearse Ireland Information
Patrick Pearse Wikipedia
Patrick Pearse United Irelander
Patrick Pearse BBC
Eamon de Valera Apostles
Eamon de Valera BBC
Eamon de Valera University College Dublin
Michael Joseph O'Rahilly Wikipedia
The O'Rahilly Island Ireland
Tom Clarke Wikipedia
James Connolly
James Connolly: final statement
James Connolly: 1868 - 1916 BBC
James Connolly Stephen Stratford
James Connolly Spartacus Schoolnet
Joseph Mary Plunkett 1916 Rising
Joseph Plunkett Wikipedia
Michael Collins Wikipedia
Michael Collins, Revolutionary Ireland's Eye
The tragedy of Michael Collins
Michael Collins BBC
Michael Collins: early years General Michael Collins
Michael Collins: 1906 to 1916 General Michael Collins
Michael Collins: The Struggle Develops General Michael Collins
Michael Collins and the IRA Spiritus Temporis
Michael Collins: A Revolutionary is Born ~obrienc at
Michael Collins: A Beloved Irish Patriot Military History Online
Sean MacDermott Stephen Stratford
Thomas MacDonagh 1916 Rising
Thomas MacDonagh Stephen Stratford
Thomas MacDonagh Wikipedia
Thomas MacDonagh United Irelander
Thomas MacDonagh (image) Irish National Archives
Eoin MacNeill Biography Base
Eoin MacNeill Wikipedia
Thomas Ashe Wikipedia
Constance Markievicz Sligo Heritage
Constance Markievicz Spartacus Schoolnet
Countess Constance Markievicz BBC
Sir Roger Casement North Antrim
Roger Casement Wikipedia
Roger Casement: Secrets of the Black Diaries BBC
Sir Roger Casement and the German Connection BBC
Roger Casement Stephen Stratford
Sean MacDiarmada Ancient Order of Hibernians
Sean MacDiarmada United Irelander
Sean MacDiarmada Wikipedia
Those who died or were executed in or after the Rising ~stfanahans at
The seven members of the provisional government National Library of Ireland

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Other Key Individuals

Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa Searc's Web
Douglas Hyde, founder of the Gaelic League Wikipedia
Douglas Hyde, founder of the Gaelic League Cork University
Francis Sheehy-Skeffington Wikipedia
Francis Sheehy-Skeffington Searc's Web
Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington Cork University
Sir Francis Fletcher Vane Wikipedia
Arthur Griffith Cork University
John Redmond Spartacus Schoolnet
William Redmond Wikipedia
John Dillon Wikipedia
Herbert Henry Asquith Wikipedia
Herbert Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith BBC
Woodrow Wilson Ulster Virginia
David Lloyd George BBC
David Lloyd George BBC
George Noble Plunkett Wikipedia

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Events of the Easter Rising

Republic proclaimed on Monday April 24th rootsweb
Failure to take Dublin Castle on Monday 24th Irish National Archives
General Post Office during the Rising Irish National Archives
Irish Citizen Troops on the roof of liberty hall 1916 Rising
Reconstruction of Wednesday 26th April: 'Two Thousand Sherwood Foresters' RTÉ
Mrs Skeffington tells how her husband died New York Times
Remembering the Rising - Skeffington murdered United Irelander
An Irishman's Diary (covers the murder of Skeffingon) ~irishhistory at
Jacob's Biscuit Factory during the Rising Irish National Archives
Abuse of prisoners by Lee Wilson BBC
British Parliamentary Response to the Rising as it unfolded, documented by Punch Irish Historian

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The Irish Citizen Army BBC
Cumann na mBan The Irish War
The Irish Revolutionary Women of Cumann na mBan Irish Democrat
Main players in the Rising BBC
Eoin MacNeill and the Irish Volunteers National Library of Ireland
Irish Volunteers Irish Wolfhounds
Irish Republican Brotherhood Wikipedia
Irish Republican Brotherhood University College Dublin
Fianna Éireann Wikipedia
Fianna Éireann: History of the Irish Youth Movement Spirited Ireland

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The Aftermath

Aftermath of the Easter Rising Wikipedia
The executions BBC
Trials and executions Stephen Stratford
Frongoch Interment Camp
Roger Casement's trial National Portrait Gallery
1917: Preparations for IRA Convention An Phoblacht
Thomas Ashe: 1885 - 1917 Ireland's Own
Death and funeral of Thomas Ashe angelfire/dc/ira
Thomas Ashe rootsweb
The Rise of Sinn Fein
The Rise of Sinn Fein BBC
Sinn Féin election manifesto 1918 Wikipedia
1917 Rising of an Irish Political Colossus Clare Library
Sinn Fein 1917 - 1922 Wikipedia
1917 - 20: the road to partition BBC
Irish Convention Wikipedia
Ballingearry Volunteers ~sosul at
Church backing for Sinn Fein Irish Democrat

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Ireland and the First World War

Ireland and World War One BBC
The First World War and Ireland Waterford County Museum
Impact of the First World War on the Parliamentary Party Wikipedia
'The Slums and the Trenches' by James Connolly, 1916
Conscription crisis of 1918 Wikipedia
The Hay Plan and Conscription in Ireland during World War One Waterford County Museum
The First World War, Easter Rising and Sinn Fein wesleyjohnston
Bandon War Memorial Bandon Memorial

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The 1918 Election

The Irish election of 1918
Access Research Knowledge
Irish general election, 1918
Sinn Fein manifesto 1918 Wikipedia
Numbers enfranchised Wikipedia
William Archer Redmond's victory Elections Ireland
First Dáil Wikipedia
Ireland 1919 - 1922 History Learning Site

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Other Resources

A Terrible Beauty: film about 1916 1916 film
Stories from 1916 Stories from 1916
Patrick Pearse's speech: bloodshed is a cleasing and sanctifying thing University of Cork
James Connolly, 1916 and the 'blood sacrifice' myth Irish Democrat
Patrick Pearse's oration at the funeral of O'Donovan Rossa Wikipedia
Oration of P.H. Pearse over the grave of O'Donovan Rossa Library Ireland
The Funeral of O'Donovan Rossa Saoirse 32 blogsome
The Gaelic League Wikipedia
History of the Gaelic Athletic Association University of Cork
Douglas Hyde, Eoin MacNeill and the Gaelic League National Library of Ireland
'Irish Ireland' Cork University
Memorial on Mount Street Bridge Irish War Memorials
Liberty Hall: A potent symbol of freedom Irish Democrat
Plaque marks Frongoch internment camp Irish Democrat
General Post Office Wikipedia
Yeats and the 1916 Rising Norton Poetry Anthology
Easter, 1916 by William Butler Yeats Online Literature
Armoured lorry used during the Dublin Rising ~akirk at Florida State Uni
Rebel songs from 1916 BBC
Sherwood Foresters - World War I
British Army website
The Sherwood Foresters Crich Memorial
What is Sinn Fein? American Almanac
Sinn Féin 1905 - 1917 Wikipedia
Debate on whether Arthur Griffith supported violence An Phoblacht
Arthur Griffith and Sinn Fein Irish National Archives
Postcards from Sinn Fein Rebellion / Revolt Island Ireland
Sinn Fein assails Cardinal Farley, 1918 New York Times
'Unemployment in Ireland' by James Connolly, 1916
Pictures from the 1916 Commemoration in 2006 Irish Government
Pictures from the Sinn Féin 1916 Commemoration in 2006 Indymedia
Ruth Dudley Edwards criticises the Easter Rising Commemorations Ruth Dudley Edwards
Easter Rising Quiz Irish Historian
Punch magazine's response to events in Ireland, 1916 Irish Historian
Easter Rising: Birth of the Irish Republic Google Books
Moore Street 1916 site must be saved from wreckers An Phoblacht
Sean O'Casey and the 1916 Easter Rising International Communists

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