The Fenians

James Stephens Fenians in battle Seizure of the Irish People newspaper The aftermath of Clerkenwell

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Table of Contents

The Fianna
The Fenian Movement
Prominent Fenians
Fenian Violence
Ulster, Protestants and the Orange Order
The Catholic Church
Other Resources

The Fianna

Fianna Timeless Myths
Fianna Wikipedia
The Legend of the Fianna Baby Names of Ireland
The Fianna BBC

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The Fenian Movement

The Fenian Movement Irelands Eye
The Fenian Movement History Learning Site
The Fenian Movement w3perl
Irish Republican Brotherhood Wikipedia
Irish Republican Brotherhood (Easter Rising profile) BBC
Fenian Brotherhood Wikipedia
A Brief History of the Fenian Brotherhood ~mruddy at Rootsweb
The Politics of Irish Literature: The Agony of Fenianism Astonisher
The Fenians' place in Irish history fenians-nky
The Fenians Irish Identity

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Prominent Fenians

James Stephens Wikipedia
James Stephens Cork University
James Stephens American Library
John O'Mahony Wikipedia
Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa Wikipedia
Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa healthcliffiam at geocities
Fenian Graves Fenian Graves
Terence MacManus Wikipedia
John Devoy Wikipedia
John Devoy (1842 - 1928) Searc's Web
John Devoy and America's Fight for Ireland's Freedom The Wild Geese
Charles Kickham Cork University
Colonel Thomas J Kelly ~mruddy at Rootsweb
Colonel Thomas J Kelly Wikipedia
James Mountain, Cork's first Fenian James Mountain at Tripod

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Fenian Violence

'The Green Flag will be flying independently' (McManus funeral, 1866 attack on Canada) BBC
The Fenian Raid 1865, 1866 and 1870 Lincoln & Welland Museum
The Fenian Raid 1866 Queen's Own Rifles
Transatlantic Fenians and the Politics of Place: Irish-American Insurgents and the London Dynamite War UC Santa Barbara
A demonstration on Chester Rootsweb
The 'New Draper' and its involvement in the 1867 Rising Mighty Seas
The Fenian rebellion, March 7th 1867 The Irish Story
Fenian Rising Wikipedia
The Fenian Rising 1867 Fame of Tipperary Group.
The Fenian Rebellion of 1867 Your Irish
'God Save Ireland!' (The 1867 Rising) BBC
The Manchester Martyrs d.a.ratcliffe at ntlworld
Manchester Martyrs Wikipedia
The Manchester Martyrs by James Connolly, 1915
The Manchester Martyrs of 1867: The 'Irish Question' in England Athens Aegean
From the archive, 14 December 1867: Many killed as Fenians try to blow up prison Guardian

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Ulster, Protestants and the Orange Order

Protestant Revivalism Wikipedia
Post-famine Protestantism Cork University
Sectarianism Cork University
William and the Orange Order BBC
Orange Order Tiscali Encyclopedia
Unionists Wikipedia

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The Catholic Church

Paul Cullen Cork University
Paul Cullen New Advent
Paul Cardinal Cullen Wikipedia

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Other Resources

Fenian Wikipedia
Ireland 1852 - 1868 Peel Web
What is Irish Republicanism? Workers' Liberty
Mazzini and Irish Nationalism The British Academy
The Fenian Oath Rootsweb
The Fenians: Civil War Harper's Weekly, October 28th, 1865 Son of the South
The Tenant Right League Wikipedia
'My Life in Two Hemispheres, Voll II' by Sir Charles Gavan Duffy: 'The League with Ulster' From Ireland
Extract from 'The Young Irelanders' by T.F. O'Sullivan From Ireland
Whose Abbey Theatre? (See Section Two for funeral of Terence MacManus) California Digital Library
The Days of March, by James Connolly
Glimpses into the 19th Century Broadside Ballad Trade: Barrett and other Fenians Mustrad
Gustave Paul Cluseret Wikipedia

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