The 1920s and 1930s in Ireland

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Table of Contents

Eamon de Valera
Political parties and organisations; key individuals and elections
Acts of parliament, parliamentary debates, the Constitution
Northern Ireland
The IRA in Ireland
Tensions with Britain
Other resources

Eamon de Valera

"De Valera dominated Irish life as a speaker, hero, leader and statesman"
Eamon de Valera: 1882 - 1975 BBC
Eamon de Valera (1882 - 1975) Clare County Library
Eamon de Valera History Learning Site
Eamon deValera: an Irish Leader Irish Information

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Political parties and organisations; key individuals and elections

Fianna Fáil Wikipedia
Cumann na nGaedhael Wikipedia
Army Comrades' Association (Blueshirts) Spartacus Schoolnet
Blueshirts Wikipedia
Blueshirts Ireland Information Guide
Kevin O'Higgins Wikipedia
William T Cosgrave Wikipedia
Eoin O'Duffy Spartacus Schoolnet
Eoin O'Duffy Wikipedia
Governor General of the Irish Free State Wikipedia
General Election: 9th June 1927 Elections Ireland
Irish General Election, June 1927 Wikipedia
Irish General Election, September 1927 Wikipedia
Irish General Election, 1932 Wikipedia
General Election of 24th January 1933 Elections Ireland
Irish General Election, 1933 Wikipedia

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Acts of parliament, parliamentary debates, the Constitution

Electoral Amendment Bill, 1927 Irish Statute Book
Public Safety Act, 1927 Irish Statute Book
Wives, mothers and citizens: the treatment of women in the 1935 nationality and citizenship act findarticles
De Valera's betrayal of the women of 1916 Irish Democrat
Debate on the Defence Forces Bill, 1932 Oireachtas Historical Debates
Debate on the Military Services Pension Bill, 1934 Oireachtas Historical Debates
Debate on the Constitution, 1936 Oireachtas Historical Debates
Legality of the enactment of the Constitution of Ireland Wikipedia
Constitution of Ireland CAIN
Constitution of Ireland Wikipedia
Fifth amendment of the constitution of Ireland (removed reference to special position of Catholic church in 1972). Wikipedia

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Northern Ireland

Basil Brooke Wikipedia
Quotations on the topic of discrimination CAIN
Internal Affairs in Northern Ireland Ireland's Eye
1932: Belfast outdoor relief strike libcom (communist library)
The Struggle of the Unemployed in Belfast, Oct. 1932: The Falls and Shankill Unite Irish Republican Socialists
Photograph taken from Stormont shortly after it was built in 1932 What's That Picture
1935 in Northern Ireland Wikipedia
Sectarian riots in Belfast, 1935 (main book about Glasgow) Google Books
Northern Ireland discrimination Your Irish
Londonderry: one man, no vote (overview of situation by 1965) CAIN
Gerrymandering in Northern Ireland Wikipedia
History of Northern Ireland 1925 - 1965 Wikipedia
Northern Ireland: 1921 - 1998 CAIN

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The IRA in Ireland

Ideology of the post-Civil War IRA Wikipedia
Debate on the assassination of Kevin O'Higgins Oireachtas Historical Debates
Role of the IRA in the Free State, 1932 BBC
Eamon Broy Wikipedia
The IRA in the Free State Google Books
Eleventh Hour for the Irish Republican Army (1936) Workers' Republic
Repression in the mid-30s Google Books
Defending Ireland:  The Irish Free State and Its Enemies Since 1922 Google Books
IRA 'Christmas raid', 1939 Wikipedia
Henry Boyle Townshend Somerville Wikipedia
Harsh times for the IRA Google Books
Legislation and renewed repression: 1930s and 1940s Wikipedia

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Tensions with Britain

Oath of Allegiance Wikipedia
1922 - 38: The fixing of the Irish border BBC
The Economic War and the Second World War wesleyjohnston
The Anglo-Irish Trade War Wikipedia
Treaty Ports Wikipedia
Churchill and the Treaty Ports Google Books
Plan W: The British Assessment Wikipedia

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Other Resources

Ireland in the 1930s - 1940s Muckross House
The freedom of the theatre in the Irish Free State 1922 - 1929 Clemson University
Building the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland economies, 1925 - 1932 wesleyjohnston
Irish Socialist Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War Wikipedia
Ireland and the Spanish Civil War Ireland SCW at geocities
Irish Land Purchase Acts (disregarded by De Valera) Wikipedia
History of the Irish Language Wikipedia
Dealing with TB in Ireland Google Books
Names of the Irish State Wikipedia
Ireland Timeline 1918 - 1948 World at War

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