Ireland in the 1980s

A blanket man Milltown cemetery, minutes before the attack by Michael Stone
Garret Fitzgerald, Taoiseach Aftermath of the Enniskillen bomb

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Table of Contents
Key figures and political parties
Events in the Republic of Ireland
Events in the early eighties (Northern Ireland)
Events in the mid-eighties (Northern Ireland)
Events in the late eighties (Northern Ireland)
Other resources

Key figures and political parties
Gerry Adams, Sinn Féin leader Sinn Féin
Gerry Adams BBC
Robert Bradford, MP killed by IRA Wikipedia
Peter Brooke, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland 1989 - 1992 Wikipedia
Mella Carroll: Ireland's first female high court judge Wikipedia
Patrick Connolly, Attorney General Wikipedia
Pat Finucane, lawyer killed by Loyalists Wikipedia
Garret Fitzgerald Wikipedia
Charles Haughey, Taoiseach Wikipedia
Charles Haughey: the flawed chieftain Guardian
John Hume, SDLP leader BBC
John Hume Wikipedia
John Hume Academy of Achievement
Douglas Hurd, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland 1984 - 5 Wikipedia
Tom King, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland 1985 - 1989 Wikipedia
Patrick Magee, IRA bomber BBC
Patrick Magee Guardian
Charlie McCreevy, Fianna Fáil politician Wikipedia
James Molyneux, leader of the Ulster Unionist Party Wikipedia
Desmond O'Malley, founder of the Progressive Democrats Wikipedia
Ian Paisley, DUP leader Wikipedia
Ian Paisley Biography Base
James Prior, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland 1981 - 4 Wikipedia
Bobby Sands Bobby Sands Trust
Bobby Sands Wikipedia
Michael Stone, Loyalist Paramilitary Wikipedia
Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister CAIN
Democratic Unionist Party Wikipedia
Progressive Democrats Wikipedia
Sinn Féin Wikipedia
Social Democratic and Labour Party Wikipedia
Ulster Unionist Party, 1972 - 95 Wikipedia

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Events in the Republic of Ireland
The Eurovision Song Contest, 1980 Wikipedia
Darrynaflin Chalice discovered, 1980 Wikipedia
1980 files show mutual London-Dublin suspicion RTÉ
Derrynaflan Chalice Visual Arts Cork
The Buttevant Rail Disaster, 1980 Wikipedia
Central Hotel Fire, Bundoran, 1980 Wikipedia
Bundoran Fire Bundoran Fire Brigade
Mella Carroll: first female high court judge, 1980 Ulster University
National Institute for Higher Education, Dublin, Act, 1980 Irish Statute Book
An Irish solution for an Irish problem  - Health Family Planning Act, Nov 1980 Wikipedia
Stardust Disaster, 1981 Wikipedia
Oireachtas debate on the Stardust Disaster Oireachtas
General election, June 1981 Wikipedia
Dublin-registered Union Star suffers a collision, 1981 BBC
General Election, February 1982 Wikipedia
PRSI debate, May 1982 Oireachtas
Malcolm MacArthur murders, August 1982 Wikipedia
Eighth Amendment to the Constitution (regarding abortion), September 1982 Wikipedia
General Election, November 1982 Wikipedia
Presidential election, December 1983 Wikipedia
Ann Lovett (girl who died after giving birth in a grotto), 1984 RTÉ
The Kerry Babies Wikipedia
European Parliamentary Elections, 1984 Wikipedia
Ballinspittle - place of pilgrimage, 1985 Wikipedia
A moving tale from County Cork BBC
Tenth Amendment of the Constitution Bill (bid to remove the prohibition on divorce), 1986 Wikipedia
General Election, February 1987 Wikipedia
Johnny Logan's winning song in Eurovision 1987, 'Hold Me Now' Wikipedia
Tenth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland, approving the Single European Act, 1987 Wikipedia
Three Irish UN peacekeepers killed in Lebanon, 1989 New York Times
General Election, June 1989 Wikipedia

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Events in the early eighties
Chronology of the conflict: 1980 CAIN
NIO files: Dirty protests, violence and the 'teapot summit' BBC
Chronology of the conflict: 1981 CAIN
Paisley and the 'Ulster Declaration' Time
1981: Bobby Sands dies in prison BBC
1981: Violence erupts at Irish hunger strike protest BBC
The IRA hunger strike and Fleet Street's graveyard of truth Guardian
Margaret Thatcher 'negotiated with IRA' BBC
Irish Hunger Strike Wikipedia
Irish Martyrs (hungerstrike stories) Irish Hunger Strike
Hunger: the real Maze men speak Guardian Observer
What happened in the hunger strike? BBC
Republicans recall hunger strike BBC
Northern Ireland Act 1982 CAIN
1982: IRA bombs cause carnage in London BBC
Hyde Park and Regents Park bombings Wikipedia
Hyde Park and Regents Park bombings Time
Droppin' Well bombing Wikipedia
Village remembers INLA victims (Droppin' Well pub bomb, 1982) BBC
Chronology of the conflict: 1982 CAIN
Northern Ireland Assembly Elections 1982 ARK
Chronology of the conflict: 1983 CAIN
New Ireland Forum, established 1983 Wikipedia
1983: Dozens escape in Maze breakout BBC
The IRA's 'great escape' Time
Harrods bomb blast kills six, 1983 BBC

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Events in the mid eighties
Chronology of the conflict: 1984 CAIN
1984: Tory cabinet in Brighton bomb blast BBC
Brighton hotel bombing Wikipedia
Was MI6 behind the Brighton bomb? Guardian
Margaret Thatcher's account of the Brighton bomb Margaret Thatcher
Extracts from a speech by Thatcher following an Anglo-Irish summit, Nov 1984 CAIN
The Anglo-Irish Agreement: contents CAIN
Anglo-Irish Agreement: chronology of events CAIN
Anglo-Irish Agreement Wikipedia
1985: Anglo-Irish Agreement signed BBC
Ulster Says No, 1985 Wikipedia
Newry mortar attack, 1985 Wikipedia
Chronology of the conflict: 1985 CAIN
Chronology of the conflict: 1986 CAIN
Libyan arms to the IRA Wikipedia

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Events in the late eighties
Chronology of the conflict: 1987 CAIN
Loughall Martyrs, 1987 Wikipedia
True tale of IRA 'martyrs' revealed Guardian
Report says IRA fired first in 1987 Loughgall attack BBC
1987: Bomb kills 11 at Enniskillen BBC
Remembrance Day Bombing Wikipedia
Who knew about Enniskillen plans? BBC
Car bomb hits army base in West Germany, 1987 BBC
Chronology of the conflict: 1988 CAIN
IRA gang shot dead in Gibraltar, 1988 BBC
Bringing them home (Gibraltar casualties) An Phoblacht
Operation Flavius BBC
1988-9: Gibraltar killings and the release of the Guildford Four BBC
1988: Three shot dead at Milltown Cemetery BBC
Milltown Cemetery attack Wikipedia
2 British soldiers killed at IRA rites, 1988 New York Times
Corporals Killings Wikipedia
Northern Ireland Marathon of Death, 1988 Time
After bombing, review of Ulster security, 1988 New York Times
Personal account of the Ballygawley bus bombing, 1988 Light Infantry Reunited
Ballygawley bus bomb: did the British army know? Unsolved mysteries
Chronology of the conflict: 1989 CAIN
Security forces aided Loyalist murders BBC
Belfast lawyer Finucane murdered, 1989 BBC
Pat Finucane: a controversial killing BBC
Tell us the truth about Pat Finucane Guardian
Statement by Dermot Ahern supporting an inquiry into the killing of Pat Finucane, 2006 CAIN
Ulster town mourns victim of IRA, 1989 New York Times
Deal Barracks bombing, 1989 Wikipedia
Ten dead in Kent barracks bomb BBC
Other resources
Northern Ireland: a British colonial heritage that means nothing but trouble Gegenstandpunkt
Talking politics: reform attempts up to 1989 BBC
The early stages of the Irish peace process Conciliation Resources
The Falklands War Falklands War
The Five Demands  (Italian language) Five Demands
UK miners' strike Wikipedia
West Belfast elections 1983 - 92 ARK
The Libyan connection
Chronology of parades and marches, 1688 - 1986 CAIN
Northern Ireland Loyalist Paramilitaries Council of Foreign Relations
Sutton index of deaths CAIN
Articles 2 and 3 of the Irish Constitution Wikipedia
Pat Finucane Centre Pat Finucane Centre
Shergar Wikipedia
Smithwick tribunal: Hurst evidence shines light on covert war Guardian

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