Ireland in the 1990s

The child victims of the Warrington bomb Adams, Hume, Clinton and Trimble Ahern and Blair shake hands after the Good Friday Agreement Two boys cycle past graffitti celebrating peace in Northern Ireland

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Table of Contents
Key figures and organisations
Northern Ireland in the Early Nineties
Northern Ireland in the Late Nineties
The Republic of Ireland
Other Resources

Key figures and organisations
Gerry Adams, leader of Sinn Féin BBC
Bertie Ahern, Taoiseach 1997 - 2008 Guardian
Bertie Ahern: the Teflon Taoiseach BBC
Tony Blair, British Prime Minister 1997 - 2007 BBC
John Bruton, Taoiseach 1994 - 1997 Wikipedia
Bill Clinton, American president who became involved in the peace process BBC
John Hume, leader of the SDLP Academy of Achievement
John Major, British Prime Minister 1990 - 1997 John Major
John Major Wikipedia
Patrick Mayhew, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland 1992 - 1997 Wikipedia
Mary McAleese, President of Ireland BBC
Martin McGuinness, IRA leader BBC
Martin McGuinness, MP Wikipedia
George J Mitchell, American ambassador from 1995 Wikipedia
George Mitchell BBC
Mo Mowlam, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, 1997 - 1999 Wikipedia
Albert Reynolds, Taoiseach 1992 - 1994 Wikipedia
Mary Robinson, President of Ireland Irish President
Tim Parry, IRA bomb victim Lasting Tribute
David Trimble, leader of the Ulster Unionist Party Wikipedia
The Continuity IRA Wikipedia
Who are the Real IRA? BBC
The Real IRA Wikipedia
The British-Irish Council British Irish Council
British-Irish Council and British-Irish Inter-Governmental Conference First Minister/Deputy First Minister
British-Irish Inter-Governmental Conference BBC
North-South Ministerial Council North South Ministerial Council
North-South Ministerial Council BBC

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Northern Ireland in the Early Nineties
Conflict deaths in 1990 CAIN
Chronology of the conflict, 1990 CAIN
IRA bombs stock exchange, 1990 BBC
British army unit watched as loyalists shot IRA man dead, report finds (1990) Guardian
Conflict deaths in 1991 CAIN
Chronology of the conflict, 1991 CAIN
IRA attacks 10 Downing Street with mortar fire New York Times
IRA men shot dead by British army BBC
Conflict deaths in 1992 CAIN
Chronology of the conflict, 1992 CAIN
IRA murders informers BBC
Baltic Exchange (includes details of 1992 bomb) Baltic Exchange
The Proxy Bomb Wikipedia
Actions of the Provisional IRA East Tyrone Brigade Wikipedia
Remembering Teebane BBC
Teebane families press for justice BBC
Ormeau Road dead remembered (1992 massacre) An Phoblacht
Loyalist betting shop massacre (book extract) Google Books
Bomb explosions in Manchester, Dec 1992 BBC
Conflict deaths in 1993 CAIN
Warrington bombing, 1993 Wikipedia
Warrington bombing - ten years on BBC
Tribute to Warrington bomb victims Lasting Tribute
The Hume/Adams talks CAIN
Hume Adams statement, 1993 BBC
Shankill Road bombing, 1993 Wikipedia
Bomb that spells more bloodshed [Shankill Road], 1993 British Independent
Taking part in riots landed chipshop bomber back in jail Irish Independent
Payout to Shankill bomb mastermind Guardian
Horror of the Greysteel massacre, 1993 Derry Journal
Police could not stop (Greysteel) massacre BBC
Greysteel killer abandons appeal BBC
The Downing Street Declaration 1993 CAIN
1993 - 4: The Downing Street Declaration and the IRA ceasefire BBC
Downing Street Declaration Wikipedia
Unionist reaction to the Downing Street Declaration (book extract) Google Books
Conflict deaths in 1994 CAIN
Chronology of the conflict, 1994 CAIN
IRA bomb devastates City of London, April 1994 BBC
After six killings, the old sadness in Ulster, 1994 New York Times
IRA ceasefire statement, August 1994 CAIN
Loyalists announce a ceasefire, 1994 BBC
Combined Loyalist Military Command ceasefire statement, Oct 1994 CAIN
UDA ceasefire, starting 1994 BBC
Statement by Albert Reynolds on the CLMC ceasefire, Oct 1994 CAIN
Conflict deaths in 1995 CAIN
Chronology of the conflict, 1995 CAIN
The Mitchell Principles Wikipedia
Gerry Adams discusses IRA arms, 1995 New York Times
Clinton kindles hope in Northern Ireland, 1995 BBC

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Northern Ireland in the Late Nineties
Conflict deaths in 1996 CAIN
Chronology of the conflict, 1996 CAIN
Docklands bomb ends IRA ceasefire, 1996 BBC
1996 Docklands bombing Wikipedia
IRA smash ceasefire Guardian
Gerry Adams under the gun Time
Bomb blast destroys London bus, Feb 1996 BBC
The 1996 forum elections and the peace process ARK
An Irish peace? 1996 PBS
Huge explosion rocks central Manchester, 1996 BBC
Manchester city centre bombing Wikipedia
Conflict deaths in 1997 CAIN
Chronology of the conflict, 1997 CAIN
1997 - 1998: Second IRA ceasefire to the Nobel Peace Prize BBC
Sinn Féin Manifesto, May 1997 Keele University
IRA announces ceasefire, 1997 BBC
IRA ceasefire statement CAIN
The Drumcree March, 1997 BBC
Northern Ireland Decommissioning Act 1997 Office of Public Sector Info
Loyalist leader murdered in prison, Dec 1997 BBC
Conflict deaths in 1998 CAIN
Chronology of the conflict, 1998 CAIN
Northern Ireland 1998 - 1999 BBC
Good Friday Agreement, 1998 BBC
The Good Friday Agreement in full BBC
The power brokers of 1998 BBC
Northern Ireland peace deal reached BBC
The long Good Friday Guardian
Belfast Agreement Wikipedia
The Agreement Northern Ireland Office
Good Friday Agreement Sinn Féin
IRA statement on decommissioning, 1998 CAIN
British response to Sinn Féin request for clarification of the Joint Declaration of Peace CAIN
Northern Ireland Assembly Elections, 1998 ARK
Northern Ireland Assembly Wikipedia
Northern Ireland Assembly map NI Assembly
Trimble elected First Minister BBC
Children die in Drumcree protests, July 1998 BBC
The Omagh bomb, August 1998 BBC
Omagh bombing Wikipedia
Omagh bombing Wesley Johnston
Further Omagh links Irish History Links
IRA declares 'complete' ceasefire, August 1998 BBC
Peace talks wobble after Unionist outburst, Sept 1998 BBC
Conflict deaths in 1999 CAIN
Chronology of the conflict, 1999 CAIN
Trimble gloomy over Mitchell review, 1999 BBC
Talks parties' praise for Mitchell, 1999 BBC
We have basis for peace - Mitchell, 1999 BBC
Unionists face historic choice, 1999 BBC
Northern Ireland Assembly, Nov 1999 CAIN
Joint Communique of the BIIC, 1999 CAIN
The Assembly after devolution NI Assembly

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The Republic of Ireland
The Maastricht Treaty (1991) Wikipedia
Ireland and the Ratification of the Maastricht Treaty Google Books
European Parliament Election 1994 Wikipedia
Abortion in Ireland Wikipedia
Abortion in Irish Law Timeline Safe and Legal in Ireland
The X Case Wikipedia
Church and state face off in referendum on divorce in Ireland, 1995 New York Times
Torn Asunder Socialist Review
Ireland votes for divorce Workers' Solidarity
Divorce referendum results, 1995 adnet
Divorce referendum passes in Ireland, 1995 Marcella Fitzgerald
Irish  Presidential Election, 1997 Wikipedia
Irish General Election 1997 Wikipedia
Turnout low in Irish election BBC

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Other Resources
The Troubles in Cookstown (Tyrone) Wikipedia
Northern Ireland peace process Wikipedia
Irish peace process War and Peace
Clinton: Gerry Adams kept the faith Belfast Telegraph
Complete list of casualties in the Troubles CAIN
Monitoring PSNI compliance with the Human Rights Act 1998 NI Policing Board
Decommissioning BBC
Analysis: Sinn Féin's political journey BBC
Sinn Féin can thank Tony Blair for its votes Telegraph
Relatives for justice Relatives for justice
Dissident republicans: threat to peace BBC
Articles 2 and 3 of the Irish constitution Wikipedia
Shadow Dancer gets mixed verdict from ex-IRA infiltrators Guardian

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