Ireland in the Early Eighteenth Century

Irish peasants Jonathan Swift
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Table of Contents

Historical overviews
Prominent Individuals
Local Histories
The Penal Laws
Society and Culture
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Historical Overviews

Ireland 1691 - 1801 Wikipedia
Ireland in 1700 rootsweb
Short History of Ireland in the 18th Century kinsella
18th Century Sources (for genealogical research) rootsweb
State of the Irish Nation, 18th Century libraryireland
Anti-Catholicism Wikipedia
Short 18th Century Timeline searcs-web

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Prominent Individuals

Jonathan Swift Wikipedia
Jonathan Swift Victorian Web
Jonathan Swift Online Literature
Jonathan Swift kirjasto
Jonathan Swift's Political Beliefs Victorian Web
William Molyneux The Galileo Project
Charles Lucas, 1713 - 1771 clarelibrary
Queen Anne Wikipedia
George I Wikipedia
George II Wikipedia
Bishop Berkeley of Cloyne ~edmo at

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Local Histories

18th Century Cork
Ulster History - the 18th Century cruithni
The History of Dublin dublinuncovered
Dublin Castle Wikipedia
Kenure House, Rush askaboutireland
Short History of Connacht rootsweb
Irish settlers in 18th Century Pennsylvania Irish History Links
Ireland in the 18th century Local Histories

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Cottier rents McMaster University
Restrictions on Irish trade and manufacture libraryireland
The Economy of Europe in an Age of Crisis Googlebooks
Economic situation Wikipedia
Society and Economy of Ireland Googlebooks
The General Crisis Wikipedia
Economic situation Wikipedia
Conditions in early eighteenth-century Ireland Kansas State University

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Parliament of Ireland Wikipedia
Beginnings of Parliamentary Reform risingroadtours
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland Wikipedia
The Sixth of George I libraryireland
Politics and Administration in Ireland, 1715 - 1770 Cork University
Patriotism Cork University
(Book review): A Masterly Account of Early 18th Century Irish Politics h-net
The struggle to get a Catholic church Ballycastle Parish

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The Penal Laws

The Period of the Penal Laws risingroadtours
The Penal Code libraryireland
Penal Laws (in England, Scotland, Ireland and the English colonies) newadvent
Penal Laws rootsweb

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Society and Culture

The Protestant Ascendancy Wikipedia
The Royal Dublin Society (founded 1731) Wikipedia
The Rise of the Garrison, 1698 - 1779 libraryireland
Jonathan Swift's 'A Modest Proposal' universalteacher
Literature in Irish - the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries ireland-information
Ireland's last witch trial investigated RTÉ

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