Ireland in the Twenty First Century

Mary McAleese
St Patrick's Day Belfast, 2005
Street entertainer on Grafton Street, Dublin
Bush, Adams and Ahern

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Table of Contents

Section One: Northern Ireland

Devolution in Northern Ireland
The Peace Process
Northern Bank Robbery
Robert McCartney Murder
Political figures in Northern Ireland
Political developments outside the peace process
Northern Ireland timelines

Section Two: The Republic of Ireland

Ireland and the European Union
Events in Ireland
Politics in Ireland
People in the News

Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley SECTION ONE: Northern Ireland in the Twenty-First Century

Devolution in Northern Ireland

Wikipedia guide to the Northern Ireland Executive Wikipedia
David Trimble says decommissioning won't be second to devolution, 1999 RTÉ

Devolution: 2000

Northern Ireland Assembly Report, February 2000 NI Assembly site
Mandelson 'pressured' by resignation threat, February 2000 BBC
Assembly suspension 'not the end of peace', February 2000 BBC
NI Assembly suspension 'wrong', February 2000 BBC
Speech by Peter Mandleson on the suspension of devolution, March 2000 CAIN
Trimble narrowly wins leadership challenge, March 2000 BBC
David Trimble begins devolution battle, May 2000 BBC
Consensus urged on NI flag issue, May 2000 BBC

Devolution: 2001

Westminster General Election, June 2001 CAIN
2001 Westminster elections ARK
Westminster election 2001 CAIN
Assembly suspended for one day, September 2001 NI News
Sinn Fein exclusion debate scheduled, October 2001 BBC
UUP to walk from assembly if Sinn Fein exclusion motion fails, October 2001 NI News
Assembly to be reinstated, October 2001 BBC
Resignation of Unionists from Northern Ireland Executive, October 2001 BBC
Trimble theatens to cripple Northern Ireland executive, October 2001 Guardian
Q&A: Assembly crisis, October 2001 BBC

Devolution: 2002

Overview of the Stormontgate crisis (October 2002) Wikipedia
Stormont near collapse as Sinn Fein man appears in court on spying charges, October 2002 Guardian
IRA spy ring enquiry call, November 2002 BBC

Devolution: 2003

Guide to the Northern Ireland Assembly, 2003 BBC
Northern Ireland Assembly Elections Act 2003 Office of Public Sector Information
Conference on Devolution and Constitutional Change, March 2003 Devolution & Constitutional Change
David Trimble's comments on the Northern Ireland Assembly Bill, May 2003 TheyWorkForYou
Northern Ireland Assembly Elections, November 2003 CAIN
Northern Ireland Assembly Elections, November 2003 Access Research Knowledge
Family connections in Northern Ireland Politics, and People who hold Multiple Elected Positions (as of 1 December 2003) CAIN
Northern elections: bi-bi blues Innate non-violence
Donaldson resigns from UUP
Interview with Trimble, December 2003 BBC

Devolution: 2004

Ulster Unionist Party leadership election, 2004 Wikipedia
DUP reveals plan to restore devolution, February 2004 Guardian
Devolution now: the DUP's concept for devolution, February 2004 CAIN
Trimble walks out of Good Friday review,  March 2004 Guardian
Jeffrey Donaldson of the DUP's speech on how Northern Ireland is to be governed, July 2004 CAIN
Tony Blair warns last chance for Stormont progress, September 2004 Guardian
DUP 'will listen to ideas' on devolution, September 2004 BBC
NI talks end without a deal, September 2004 BBC
Blair outlines deal to save Stormont, November 2004 Guardian

Devolution: 2005

Peter Hain announces the outcome of a review of public administration, March 2005 CAIN
The Local Government Act (2005 Order) Office of Public Sector Information
Stormontgate spying case collapses, December 2005 BBC
Stormont conspiracy theories continue, December 2005 BBC
Sinn Fein man admits he was an agent, December 2005 BBC
Veteran republican's spy statement, December 2005 BBC

Devolution: 2006

Explanatory notes to the Northern Ireland Act 2006 Office of Public Sector Information
Obituary for Denis Donaldson, April 2006 Guardian
Obituary for Denis Donaldson, April 2006 BBC
Danny Morrison, Sinn Fein: who killed Denis Donaldson? April 2006 Guardian
Reaction to the death of Denis Donaldson, April 2006 BBC
Statement by Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern on recalling the Assembly, April 2006 CAIN
Adams backs Ian Paisley for top role, May 2006 BBC
Last orders on devolution deal, September 2006 Guardian
Stormont attack devices defused, November 2006 BBC
Michael Stone: Loyalist icon, November 2006 CNN
Stone made careful plans before attack on Stormont, November 2006 Guardian
Devolution: who stands where on the key issues, November 2006 BBC

Devolution: 2007

Northern Ireland Elections March 2007 BBC
Who won what when and where? ARK
A united Ireland is being created, not by arms but by the lure of cash, 7th March 2007 Guardian
Spotlight election special, March 2007 Slugger O'Toole
Gerry Adams: The opportunity for progress is now, 23rd March 2007 An Phoblacht
Sinn Fein and DUP strike power-sharing deal, 26th March 2007 Belfast Telegraph
Paisley and Adams agree deal, 26th March 2007 Guardian
NI deal struck in historic talks, 26th March 2007 BBC
A Close Encounter, 26th March 2007 BBC
New era marked as Paisley and Ahern shake hands, 5th April 2007 Guardian
Paisley and McGuinness mark new era, 8th May 2007 Guardian
Q&A: Stormont Reconvenes, 8th May 2007 Guardian
Old foes sworn in to give Stormont a new start, 8th May 2007 Times
Peter Hain: Hard questions for Paisley and McGuinness, 9th May 2007 Belfast Telegraph
Paisley and Ahern visit 1690 site, 11th May 2007 BBC
Sean Hoey found not guilty over Omagh bombing, 20th Dec 2007 BBC
Sean Hoey may sue parent of Omagh victim, 22nd Dec 2007 Irish Times

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The Peace Process

Independent Monitoring Commission website Independent Monitoring Commission
Irish Peace Process - list of source documents CAIN
Wikipedia guide to decommissioning Wikipedia
BBC guide to decommissioning BBC
Wikipedia overview of the peace process Wikipedia
All IRA statements CAIN

Peace Process: 2000

Renewed call for IRA arms deal, February 2000 BBC
First de Chasterlain report in full, February 2000 BBC
Second de Chasterlain report in full, February 2000 BBC
Article on the peace process by UUP leader David Trimble, March 2000 CAIN
IRA statement on putting its weapons beyond use, May 6th 2000 CAIN
IRA weapons dump inspected, June 2000 BBC
Clinton urges N Irish to clear hurdles, December 2000 CNN
Clinton: his role in Northern Ireland, December 2000 BBC

Peace Process: 2001

Inquest reveals details of Legge murder (committed January 2001) NI News
Bomb 'largest found' in recent years, January 2001 BBC
Real IRA return to activity Wikipedia
BBC bombing, 4th March 2001 BBC
Jurors shown footage of BBC bomb blast Guardian
Beating murder 'may be sectarian', April 2001 BBC
In pictures: Hendon bomb blast, April 2001 BBC
Derry murder 'not sectarian', April 2001 BBC
'Gun victim had received threats' (attack in May 2001) BBC
Man hurt in London blast, May 2001 BBC
Blair and Ahern to hold talks, June 2001 BBC
Holy Cross dispute, beginning June 2001 Wikipedia
Loyalists blamed for Coleraine murder, June 2001 BBC
Man denies murder charge BBC
Murder accused refused bail, July 2001 BBC
Back from the Somme to face new battles at Stormont, July 2001 Guardian
Trimble resigns over arms row, July 2001 BBC
Trimble resignation: where next for NI, July 2001 BBC
Trimble resignation 'risky strategy', July 2001 BBC
Protestant leader vows to resign  unless IRA disarms, July 2001 People's Daily
Motorbike checked in murder hunt, July 2001 BBC
Cummings murder inquest begins NI News
Blair, Ahern launch talks to save N. Ireland peace process, July 2001 People's Daily
Political talks resume at Weston Park, July 2001 NI News
Analysis: talking goes on, July 2001 BBC
Police officers injured in North Belfast riots, July 2001 NI News
Sectarian incidents and attacks, July 16th - 21st Pat Finucane Centre
Protestant youth gunned down by Loyalists, July 2001 NI News
'Bigots murdered my son' BBC
Vigil to remember murder victim BBC
Funeral service of Gavin Brett Church of Ireland
Trimble: call off Loyalist violence BBC
RUC chief condemns 'sectarian' murder BBC
Protestant shot dead by Loyalist paramilitaries Telegraph
Sectarian attacks and incidents, August 1st - 31st Pat Finucane Centre
Bomb scare at Belfast aiport, August 2001 CBC
Hoax bomb alert at Belfast airport, August 2001 BBC
Implementation plan issued by the British and Irish governments, August 2001 Irish Times
SDLP response to proposals for a new police force BBC
Car bomb in London injures seven, August 2001 BBC
Ealing eyewitness: a huge fireball, August 2001 BBC
Ealing bomb was planned as massacre Telegraph
IRA blunder in the jungle sparks US rage, August 2001 Guardian
Trio detained in Colombia are IRA suspects, August 2001 NI News
Colombia arrests three as IRA bomb experts, August 2001 New York Times
IRA statement, August 2001 CAIN
Report on the Independent Commission of Policing for Northern Ireland, August 2001 CAIN
SDLP response to proposals for a new police force, August 2001 CAIN
Holy Cross blockade looms again, August 2001 An Phoblacht
A cycle of hatred is visited on a new generation in Northern Ireland September 2001 New York Times
At the mercy of the mob (Holy Cross) September 2001 Guardian
End school protest now: Jane Kennedy, September 2001 NI News
School dispute appeal dismissed, September 2001 BBC
IRA statement on decommissioning, September 2001 CAIN
Statement by Secretary of State John Reid on the UDA ceasefire, September 2001 CAIN
UDA given last chance to end its violence, September 2001 Telegraph
Children injured in bus attack, September 2001 BBC
Adams: terrorism 'ethically indefensible', September 2001 BBC
'Terrorism is ethically indefensible' - Adams RTÉ
'Terrorism is ethically indefensible' - Adams Telegraph
Obituary for Martin O'Hagan, October 2001 Guardian
Suspect in O'Hagan murder is 'British army agent', October 2001 Guardian
Speech by John Reid on the O'Hagan murder, October 2001 CAIN
O'Hagan 'exemplified power of the press' Guardian
Speech by Gerry Adams, October 2001 CAIN
IRA statement, October 2001 CAIN
Statement by the IICD, October 2001 CAIN
Q&A: Loyalist ceasefires, October 2001 BBC
Soldier faces murder charge, October 2001 BBC
Soldier admits shooting man BBC
Republicans blamed for 'brutal' murder, October 2001 BBC
A kiss before dying for victim of gun attack, October 2001 Guardian
'Understanding' in Holy Cross dispute, November 2001 BBC
Residents resume school protest in Ardoyne, November 2001 NI News
Protestors resume school dispute, November 2001 BBC
Loyalist protest at Holy Cross ends, November 2001 NI News
Suspension of school protest welcomed, November 2001 BBC
'New era' as NI police change name, November 2001 BBC
Statement by secretary of state John Reid, November 2001 CAIN
Reid declares UDA, UVF and LVF ceasefires ended, November 2001 NI News
UDA ceasefire declared over, November 2001 Telegraph
Birmingham bomb 'could have killed', November 2001 BBC
Bomb explodes in teenager's hand, November 2001 BBC
Teenager dies during Remembrance Day rioting, November 2001 NI News
Police hunt Loyalists after bomb death, November 2001 BBC
Loyalists exact revenge with murder of informer, December 2001 Guardian
The murky world of informers, December 2001 BBC
British Human Rights Watch letter regarding William Stobie
Pat Finucane Centre

Peace Process: 2002

Fury as IRA fugitives win amnesty, January 2002 Guardian Observer
First PSNI recruits graduate from UU, April 2002 University of Ulster
IRA releases second statement - weapons put beyond use, April 2002 Sinn Fein
IRA issues an apology to victims' families, July 2002 Sinn Fein
'When is a ceasefire not a ceasefire', July 2002 BBC
Northern Ireland Assembly debates: status of the IRA ceasefire. 29th April 2002
Northern Ireland Assembly debates: continued IRA activity. 8th October 2002
Suspect IRA spy at heart of Stormont, October 2002 Telegraph
Police smash IRA spy ring, October 2002 TCM archives: Irish Examiner
Trial of Irish trio opens in Colombia, December 2002 CNN
IRA statement announcing suspension of contact with the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning, October 2002 CAIN

Peace Process: 2003

IRA statement on the peace process, January 2003 CAIN
President George Bush meets Prime Minister Tony Blair in Northern Ireland, April 2003 Number 10
Joint declaration by the British and Irish governments on decommissioning, April 2003
Blair and Ahern accuse the IRA of refusing to make straight promises, April 2003 Guardian
East Belfast 'fearful' of more Loyalist violence, May 2003 Alliance Party
IRA statement on the peace process, May 2003 CAIN
Independent Monitoring Commission statement, September 2003 CAIN
Jean McConville's remains found in Antrim, October 2003 RTÉ
IRA statement confirming Gerry Adam's remarks on decommissioning, October 2003 CAIN
Statement on behalf of Tony Blair on the decommissioning process, October 2003 CAIN
David Trimble's statement on decommissioning, October 2003 CAIN

Peace Process: 2004

IRA kidnap of  republican dissident Bobby Tohill, February 2004 Guardian Observer
Secretary of State Paul Murphy's reation to the Bobby Tohill kidnapping, February 2004 BBC
Report backs Hugh Orde over the IRA's role in abducting Bobby Tohill, April 2004 BBC
IRA Easter statement, April 2004 CAIN
Sinn Féin's comment regarding sanctions against itself, April 2004 Sinn Féin
Sinn Fein vows to fight sanctions BBC
Ian Paisley meets Bertie Ahern in Dublin, October 2004 Guardian
DUP 'wants to humiliate IRA', October 2004 BBC
Third report of the Independent Monitoring Commission, November 2004 CAIN
Statement by Paul Murphy, Secretary of State for NI, on the despecification of the UDA/UFF. November 2004 CAIN
Adams breaks new ground in talks with police chief, November 2004 Guardian
Article by Gerry Adams on the peace process, November 2004 CAIN
George Bush phones Adams over Northern Ireland talks, November 2004 BBC
Parties need to move positions says Ahern, November 2004 RTÉ
Paisley says it's now or never for IRA after Number 10 meeting, November 2004 Times
Speech by Gerry Adams to a Sinn Fein conference, December 2004 CAIN
Letter from Gerry Adams to Bertie Ahern, December 2004 CAIN
Speech by Bertie Ahern to the Dáil on the NI peace process, December 2004 CAIN
Blair confirms Ulster deadlock, December 2004 Guardian
DUP impatient over IRA weapons, December 2004 BBC
IRA statement rejecting Paisley's demands for photographic evidence of weapons decommissioning, December 2004 CAIN
Story of the Colombia Three Wikipedia
Irish trio sentenced in Colombia, December 2004 BBC
Irish trio have fled Colombia, December 2004 BBC

Peace Process: 2005

Gerry Adams' speech at Sinn Fein's centennial Ard Fheis, March 2005 CAIN
IRA Easter statement, April 2005 CAIN
Gerry Adams appeals to the IRA to fully embrace peaceful means, 6th April 2005 BBC
Gerry Adams' statement that a discussion about his 6th April 2005 initiative has been authorised by the IRA, April 2005 CAIN
Report to American congress on peace process, April 2005 Federation of American Scientists
The IRA announces a formal end to its armed campaign, July 2005 CAIN
Statement by Tony Blair, then British Prime Minister, on the ending of the IRA's armed campaign, July 2005 CAIN
PM welcomes statement from IRA, July 2005 Number 10 Downing Street
IRA declares end to its armed campaign, July 2005 Wikinews
IRA orders end to its armed campaign, July 2005 Guardian
Reaction from Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern, July 2005 Guardian
Paisley calls IRA move a 'hollow gesture', July 2005 CNN
Statement by Paul Murphy on plans for normalisation of security profile in Northern Ireland, August 2005 CAIN
Death of Mo Mowlam, former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland BBC
The IRA verifies that it has put its arms beyond use,  September 2005 CAIN
IRA has destroyed all its arms, September 2005 BBC
Joint Statement by Reverent Harold Good and Father Alec Reid on the Decommissioning of IRA weapons, September 2005 CAIN
Sinn Fein rejects on-the-run bill, December 2005 BBC

Peace Process: 2006

Explanatory Notes to Terrorism (Northern Ireland) Act 2006 Office of Public Sector Information
Amnesty for Ulster's fugitives is dropped, January 2006 Times
Anger as IRA smears Jean McConville again, July 2006 Irish Independent

Peace Process: 2007

'Securocrats, JAPPS, and other enemies of the peace process',  January 2007 The Blanket
ARA secures UDA man Jim Gray's assets, January 2007 Assets Recovery Agency
Police ombudsman report confirms police collusion with Loyalists, January 2007 BBC
UVF gang 'linked to ten murders', January 2007 BBC
Sinn Fein agrees to support the police in Northern Ireland, January 2007 BBC
Blair guilty of capitulating to Sinn Fein - Mandelson, March 2007 Guardian
Continuity Sinn Fein says 'don't help murder inquiry', March 2007 Guardian
UVF announces end of terror campaign, May 2007 Guardian
UVF statement in full, May 2007 BBC
UVF urged to destroy its weapons, May 2007 BBC
Real IRA ready to renounce violence, May 2007 Guardian
Charges dropped against soldiers and police in Pat Finucane case, June 2007 Guardian
Orange parades turn from confrontation to jamboree, July 2007 Guardian
Reopening of shoot-to-kill case, July 2007 Guardian
O'Loan reopens shoot-to-kill probe, July 2007 An Phoblacht
British army ends Northern Ireland operation, July 2007 Guardian
In pictures: Operation Banner BBC
Ahern welcomes the end of Operation Banner, July 2007 RTÉ
IRA men 'beat our son to death', October 2007 BBC
UDA stands down military wing, November 2007 RTÉ
UFF being stood down at midnight, November 2007 BBC
Northern Ireland Ulster Defence Association says 'War is Over', November 2007 Bloomberg
'Tell us how our son died' [shoot-to-kill deaths], Dec 2007 Belfast Telegraph

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The Northern Bank Robbery
Overview of the Northern Bank Robbery, December 2004 Wikipedia
Crime Library's overview of the Northern Bank Robbery Crime Library
Belfast bank robbers posed as police, December 2004 Guardian
Police deny bank robbery botch, December 2004 BBC
Paramilitaries or common criminals? Guardian
Timeline of the Northern Bank raid (written January 2005) BBC
Police says IRA behind bank raid, January 2005 BBC
Did they or didn't they? (January 2005) BBC
Bertie Ahern's comments on the Northern Bank Robbery, January 2005 CAIN
I was not in league with robbers, says Belfast bank worker, January 2005 Guardian
Northern Bank withdraws its notes, January 2005 BBC
Bank workers moved, January 2005 Guardian
Bank raid van 'crossed border', January 2005 BBC
Police seize Northern Bank notes, February 2005 Guardian
Police quiz seven over 'IRA cash', February 2005 BBC
Sinn Fein leaders 'backed raids', February 2005 BBC
Nothing found in bank raid search, February 2005 BBC
IRA's response to political events following the Northern Bank robbery, February 2005 CAIN
IRA warning on the peace process, February 2005 CAIN
Bank raid 'hurt political trust', February 2005 BBC
Seized cash 'linked to bank raid', March 2005 BBC
The price of peace, March 2005 Guardian
Two held over Northern Bank robbery, November 2005 BBC
Eighth man arrested in bank raid, November 2005 BBC
Man charged over raid, December 2005 Guardian
Bank raid accused in frame claim, December 2005 BBC
The 'framing' of Phil Flyn, March 2006 soairse32
Bank raid tapes 'not handed over', April 2006 BBC
Northern bank accused seeks tapes, September 2006 BBC
Game ban for robbery accused, October 2006 BBC
Charges dropped in £26.5m Belfast bank case, January 2007 Guardian
Northern Bank charges dropped, January 2007 An Phoblacht
Delight as bank charges dropped, January 2007 BBC
Chef jailed for four years for IRA membership, March 2007 Irish Examiner
Two charged in money laundering inquiry, March 2008 RTÉ
Northern Bank raid was breaking point, June 2011 Irish Independent

Robert McCartney Murder
Wikipedia article on Robert McCartney Wikipedia
Initial IRA statement on the killing of Robert McCartney, 16th February 2005 CAIN
Second IRA statement on the killing of Robert McCartney, 25th February 2005 CAIN
IRA details of their investigation into the murder of Robert McCartney, 8th March 2005 CAIN
For the love of Robert (McCartney sisters' campaign), March 2005 BBC
Second SF candidate was in bar, March 2005 BBC
Adams isolated as Washington elites line up to meet McCartneys, March 2005 Guardian
McCartneys may leave NI 'to heal' BBC
Events in 2008 Irish History Links

Political and paramilitary figures in Northern Ireland
Peter Mandelson, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland 1999 - 2001 Wikipedia
John De Chasterlain, head of the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning Wikipedia
Richard Kerr, Independent Monitoring Commission BBC
Lord Alderdice, Alliance Party leader and member of the IMC Wikipedia
Sir Reg Empey, UUP politician Wikipedia
Peter Hain, former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Peter Hain's website
Mo Mowlam, former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Wikipedia
Denis Donaldson, Sinn Fein member and British informer Wikipedia
Michael Stone, Loyalist Wikipedia
Ian Paisley, DUP Leader Guardian
Martin McGuinness, Sinn Fein Guardian
Martin McGuinness BBC
David Trimble, UUP leader BBC

Political and Civil Developments in Northern Ireland Outside the Peace Process
11-plus exam abolished BBC
Racial Equality Strategy Officer of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister
Handling of the foot-and-mouth crisis BBC
Anti-Iraq war march in Belfast, February 2003 Wikipedia
Belfast City Airport renamed George Best Airport
Airport named after George Best, March 2006 BBC

Northern Irish History Timelines
January 1999 - May 2000 Guardian
A draft chronology of the conflict: 2000 CAIN
Northern Ireland in 2000 BBC
May 2000  September 2001 Guardian
A draft chronology of the conflict: 2001 CAIN
September 2001 - August 2002 Guardian
A draft chronology of the conflict: 2002 CAIN
September - December 2002 Guardian
January 2003 - December 2004 Guardian
2006 - 2007 Guardian
Northern Ireland Assembly timeline BBC
Timeline of IRA disarmament CBC
UVF Timeline Guardian

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Bertie Ahern and Jacques Chirac SECTION TWO: The Republic of Ireland in the Twenty-First Century

Ireland and the European Union
Irish Bishops back the Nice Treaty - 2002 BBC
The Nice Treaty Wikipedia
Summary of the Nice Treaty BBC
Irish consumers confront the Euro BBC
Ireland backs EU expansion, - October 2002 BBC
Ireland's EU Presidency 2004 Notre Europe
The European Parliament election, 2004 Wikipedia
George Bush meets Bertie Ahern and Romano Prodi in Ireland whitehouse
Kofi Annan's visit to Ireland, October 2004 United Nations website

Events in Ireland
Ireland named as top tourist destination, May 2000 BBC
Inflation hits Irish budget, September 2000 BBC
Clinton visit to Ireland and UK, December 2000 BBC
Gorbachev visits Irish Republic, 2002 BBC
Gorbachev granted Freedom of Dublin City, 2002 RTÉ
Bishop Comiskey's statement of resignation, April 2002 RTÉ
Spire of Dublin (completed 2003) Wikipedia
Anti-Iraq war march in Dublin, February 2003 Guardian Observer
All eyes on Ireland's smoking ban, March 2004 BBC
George W Bush visits Ireland, June 2004 RTÉ
Cork as the European Capital of Culture Cork 2005
Former Finance Minister Ray Burke begins jail sentence, January 2005 RTÉ
Bertie Ahern lays the founding stone for Adamstown, February 2005
Bertie Ahern to visit Whitehouse for St Patrick's Day, March 2005 whitehouse
Croke park opens to soccer and rugby, April 2005 Wikipedia
Irish language recognised by EU, June 2005 BBC
Irish population is Europe's fastest growing, September 2005 RTÉ
Irish census, 2006 Central Statistics Office Ireland
Riots in Dublin over Unionist march, February 2006 Wikipedia
Orange March sparks Dublin riots, February 2006 Guardian
Clashes in Dublin over Loyalist march, February 2006 RTÉ
History of St Patrick's Day in Dublin (2006 was biggest ever) infoplease
Ninetieth anniversary of the Easter Rising, April 2006 Department of the Taoiseach
Britain's Prince Philip on Dublin visit, April 2006 RTÉ
Afghan protestors to continue hunger strike, May 2006 RTÉ
Police end Afghans' protest, May 2006 BBC
Ceremonies take place on Somme anniversary, July 2006 RTÉ
Man jailed for seven years over M50 bomb find, July 2006 RTÉ
Bomb scare at Dublin airport, July 2006 Wikipedia
Changing habits threaten Irish country pubs, May 2007 BBC

Politics in Ireland
Abortion referendum divides Irish, March 2002 CNN
Ballot paper of the March 2002 abortion referendum
Irish PM concedes abortion defeat, March 2002 BBC
Irish General Election 2002 Wikipedia
Election 2002 Irish Times
Ahern powers towards poll victory, May 2002 CNN
Presidential election, 2004 Wikipedia
President McAleese sworn in for a second term, November 2004 RTÉ
Irish court battle over teenager's abortion right, May 2007 Guardian
Irish teen in court abortion plea, May 2007 BBC
Irish teen wins abortion battle, May 2007 BBC
Election coverage 2007 RTÉ
Irish election: voters' views, May 2007 BBC
Irish vote in tight election race, May 2007 BBC
Row over Sinn Fein on eve of Irish vote, May 2007 Guardian
Irish Greens relish first role in power, June 2007 Guardian
Greens have a head start on recycling - of FF pledges, June 2007 Irish Independent

People in the News
Brendan Comiskey, bishop who resigned over abuse scandal Wikipedia
John Bruton, Irish ambassador to America
Mary McAleese, President of Ireland Wikipedia
Charles Haughey, former Taoiseach Wikipedia
Bertie Ahern, Taoiseach Dept. of the Taoiseach

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