Ireland in the Later Seventeenth Century

Massacre at Drogheda, 1649 Battle of the Boyne Patrick Sarsfield The Treaty Stone in Limerick

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Table of Contents

Oliver Cromwell and his Campaign
Restoration of the Monarchy and the Years Following
The Conflict between James and William
The Aftermath of the Conflict
Other Resources

Oliver Cromwell and his Campaign

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Oliver Cromwell: 1599 - 1658 British Civil Wars
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Siege of Drogheda Wikipedia
Oliver Cromwell: The Capture of Drogheda Mesa Community College
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Barbadosed: Africans and Irish in Barbados Yale University
Sack of Wexford Wikipedia
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To Hell or to Connaught: Oliver Cromwell's Settlement of Ireland Irish Society
To Hell or Connacht BBC
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Petty's Down Survey Barony Maps (1658/9) and Hiberniae Delineatio County Map (1685) Clare Library
Henry Cromwell, Lord Deputy, 1628 - 1679 British Civil Wars
Daniel O'Connell's description of Cromwell's massacres Irish History Links
Oliver Cromwell's letters from Ireland Irish History Links

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Restoration of the Monarchy and the Years Following

King Charles II BBC
King Charles II Luminarium
English Restoration Wikipedia
Oliver Cromwell and the Restoration Britain Express
Act of Settlement, 1662 Wikipedia
Execution of Oliver Plunkett BBC
St Oliver Plunkett Wikipedia
Blessed Oliver Plunkett Catholic Encyclopedia

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The Conflict between James and William

James II British Monarchy
James II Wikipedia
James II, king of England, Scotland and Ireland (1633 - 1701) BBC
James II, king of England Luminarium
James II Victorian Web
James II (1685 - 1688 AD) Britannia
King James II of England (VII of Scotland) Royal History
James II Spartacus Schoolnet
James II in Ireland Library Ireland
'The Glorious Revolution' of 1688 saburchill
William III BBC
William of Orange BBC
William III Wikipedia
William III and Mary II British Monarchy
William of Orange Undiscovered Scotland
William III and Mary II English Monarchs
1687 - 1691: James II and William of Orange Wesley Johnston
Loyalist Myths: King Billy Revisited The Blackened Flag
The Williamite War in Ireland 1689 - 1691 Your Irish
Proclamation of King James II and VII, September 28, 1688 The Jacobite Heritage
General Schomberg (and William's decision to go to Ireland) BBC
The Apprentice Boys Irish Society
Apprentice Boys of Derry Wikipedia
"No Surrender!" BBC
Siege of Derry Wikipedia
The Siege of Derry (1688 - 1689) Library Ireland
The Siege of Londonderry Our Civilisation
Londonderry - city of refuge ulster_01 at tripod
Some facts about the siege of Londonderry
Robert Lundy Wikipedia
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The Siege of Derry in Ulster Protestant Mythology Cruithni
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The Battle of the Boyne Battle of the Boyne website
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1690 - The Battle of the Boyne
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Battle of Aughrim
Battle of Aughrim Wikipedia
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Ballyneety and Sarsfield Wild Geese Heritage Museum
The Siege of Limerick Préachán Fuilteach
The Treaty of Limerick Wikipedia
The Treaty of Limerick Ask About Ireland

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The Aftermath of the Conflict

Flight of the Wild Geese Wikipedia
The Wild Geese Irish Society
The Wild Geese Wild Geese website
The Wild Geese Heritage Museum Wild Geese Heritage Museum
The Wild Geese Doyle Clan
Ireland: Flight of the Wild Geese House of Names
The Penal Code Tiscali Encyclopedia
Penal  Laws in Ireland Catholic Encyclopedia
Penal Laws (Ireland) Wikipedia

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Other Resources

King Charles I BBC
Richard Talbot, 1st Earl of Tyrconnell Wikipedia
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