Charles Stewart Parnell and Land Reform

Charles Stewart Parnell Michael Davitt Land League Agitation: Captain Boycott on the road to the railway station Banner of the Land League

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Table of Contents

Charles Stewart Parnell
Key Politicians, Activists and Leaders
The Land War and Agricultural Condition of Ireland
Acts and Elections
Protestant Resistance to Home Rule
Other Resources

Charles Stewart Parnell

Charles Stewart Parnell Ireland Information
Charles Parnell BBC
1850 - 1909: Parnell, Gladstone and the Battle for Home Rule BBC
Charles Stewart Parnell (This Sceptred Isle) BBC
Charles Stewart Parnell Clare County Library
Riches of Clare: How Parnell Secured his Place in History Clare County Library
Charles Stewart Parnell Wikipedia
Charles Stewart Parnell History Learning Site
Charles Stewart Parnell Cork University
Parnellism as Politics Cork University
Image: Irish Nationalist Party under Charles Stewart Parnell Cork University
1881 photograph of Parnell Cork University
Joyce's hero mythicised: Charles Stewart Parnell The Modern World
Charles Stewart Parnell General Michael Collins
Charles Stewart Parnell Biography Biography Base
Parnell's family background Irish History Links
Charles Stewart Parnell ego4u
Charles Stewart Parnell NNBD
Parnell and the Land League Doyle Clan
Parnell, Charles Stewart infoplease
Ancestors of Charles Parnell Irish Midlands Ancestry
To the Death of Parnell Library Ireland
The Death of a Leader (from 'Ireland since Parnell') Virginia Tech
Parnell in Steyning The Steyning Museum

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Key Politicians, Activists and Leaders

William Ewart Gladstone Victorian Web
Gladstone: my mission is to pacify Ireland BBC
Gladstone and Ireland, 1868 - 74 Peel Web
Gladstone and Ireland History Learning Site
Michael Davitt Mayo Ireland
Life of Michael Davitt Museum of Mayo
Isaac Butt Finn Valley
Isaac Butt Wikipedia
Isaac Butt and the Home Rule Party Peel Web
Paul Cullen Catholic Encyclopedia
Paul Cullen Cork University
Lord Frederick Cavendish Wikipedia
Thomas Henry Burke Wikipedia

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The Land War and Agricultural Condition of Ireland

Tenant Right League Wikipedia
Agricultural conditions in Ireland, 1760 - 1880 History Home
The Land War in Ireland by James Godkin, 1870 (on-line book) Failte Romhat
The Land War Wikipedia
The Land War BBC
Killing Home Rule with kindness BBC
Mayo in the Land War Mayo Ireland
Parnell and the Land League Library Ireland
Starting the Revolution in Great Britain: 1882 Henry George
The Irish Famine of 1879 Wikipedia
Charles Boycott Wikipedia
How the word 'boycott' materialised Wikipedia
Bitter criticism of the Clongorey evictions New York Times
On the Irish Land League by Michael Davitt, 1889 Bartleby
Phoenix Park Murders Irish Democrat
The Irish National Invincibles Wikipedia
Assassination in the Phoenix Park BBC
Irish Estates and Their Inhabitants University of Wisconsin

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Acts and Elections

Liberal Reforms Cork University
Ireland: the political background c. 1870 Peel Web
Background to the First Irish Land Act, 1870 Wikipedia
Gladstone's Land Act 1881 Chapters of Dublin
Second Irish Land Act: 1881 Wikipedia
Home Rule: - The Elections of 1885 and 1886 Cork University
Gladstone's 1886 Manifesto Wikisource
Irish Government Bill 1886 Wikipedia
Parnell and the First Home Rule Bill Irish History Links
The First Home Rule Bill BBC
Home Rule Next Session? Attacking the Devil
Irish Government Bill 1893 Wikipedia
Third Home Rule Bill infoplease

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Protestant Resistance to Home Rule

The Order's Fight for the Union: 1886 - 1921 Grand Orange Lodge
Ulster Will Fight Ireland's Eye
Belfast riots go back centuries BBC
Sectarianism Cork University
Class Struggle in Belfast 1880 - 1920 Anarkismo
Sectarian divisions of Ulster Labor Politics, 1885 - 1906 Ulster Scots
The Ulster Unionist Party: 1880s - 1921 Wikipedia

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Other Resources

Disestablishment of the Church of Ireland in 1869 Wikipedia
The Church of Ireland Cork University
Avondale House in Co. Wicklow and Charles Stewart Parnell Ask About Ireland
British framed Irish hero [Parnell] with 'jubilee plot' to murder Victoria Guardian Observer
The Irish Nationalist Party Wikipedia
The Kilmainham Treaty Wikipedia
Katharine O'Shea Wikipedia
Kitty O'Shea: the most hated woman in Irish history? BBC
Richard Piggot (of the Piggot Forgeries) Wikipedia
The Piggot Forgeries Wikipedia
Commission over the Piggot Forgeries BBC
Zenith Eclipse of the Irish Parliamentary Party Wikipedia
The history of the GAA GAA
How do Butt and Parnell's leadership of the Home Rule Party compare? WikiAnswers
Home Rule Cork University
Chronology of the Home Rule Movement 1870 - 1886 Cork University
Events in Ireland, 1886 Wikipedia
Emigration to the United States from Ireland Public Record Office of NI
Literary Parnellism Astonisher
The O'Shea-Parnell divorce case Guardian
Scotland-Ireland rail-link plan [from 1890] a 'surprise' BBC

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