The Act of Union and Its Consequences

Armed Peasants Robert Emmet Parliament House in 1790 George III

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Table of Contents

The Act Of Union
Robert Emmet
Rural Unrest
Other Resources on the Union and Its Consequences

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The Act of Union

The Act of Union Wikipedia
The Act of Union Web of English History
The Act of Union The Laws of Nature and Nature's God
Act of Union Irish Society
Britain and Ireland 1789 - 1801 Victorian Web
The Act of Union Virtual Library Queen's University Belfast
The Union from 'A Concise History of Ireland' Library Ireland
1778 up to the Act of Union History World
Emancipation Refused BBC
The Act of Union Law Library
Abolition of the Irish Parliament Wikipedia
The Act of Union Spartacus Schoolnet

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Robert Emmet

Robert Emmet Ireland Information
Robert Emmet: Revising Reputations Irish Democrat
Robert Emmet: Enigmatic Revolutionary Irish Democrat
Reclaiming Robert Emmet Irish Democrat
Robert Emmet site
Robert Emmet's speech from the dock
Robert Emmet in the Words of Others Irish Historian
Robert Emmet: Executed for High Treason Ex-Classics
Irish historical mysteries: the grave of Robert Emmet Sean J Murphy
Robert Emmet Library Ireland

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Rural Unrest

Agrarian Rebels, Secret Societies and Defenders, 1761-1791 ~faggan
The Rise of the Defenders, 1793-5 ~faggan
Rural unrest in northern Tipperary 1750 to 1850 Grant Online
Times article on Ribbandism from 1840 Ireland Old News
Ribbonmen, Orangemen and Rockites BBC

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Other Resources


Ireland circa 1800 rootsweb
Ireland 1800 - 1877
'Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye' - 1820s anti-war song Wikipedia

Prominent Individuals

George III Britain Express
George III British Royalty website
William Pitt the Younger Wikipedia
William Pitt (the Younger) BBC
William Pitt the Younger (including timeline) History Home
Henry Cooke (Evangelical Presbyterian leader) Victorian Web


Lord Chief Justice of Ireland Wikipedia
Irish Nationalism Wikipedia
Catholic Emancipation Wikipedia
The History of Orange Institution Wikipedia


Agriculture in Pre-Famine Ireland
Des Keenan


Labour in Irish History (James Connolly)
Conditions in Ireland c 1815 Encouraging Emigration ~culbert at rootsweb
Emergency Relief During Europe's Famine of 1817
Journal of Nutrition

British Views of the Irish

Book review of 'The Eternal Paddy: Irish Identity and the British Press'
Institute of Historical Research
Irish Recollections 1818 - 1824 (written by an English evangelist) John Reilly
British women playwrights around 1800 Montreal University

The Parliament House

College Green Wikipedia


News from Tyrone in 1815 Ireland Old News
Ulster Cruithni
Belfast Geography in Action
Cork in the nineteenth century Cork City
Cork 1700 - 1900 Cork Past and Present

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