The Vikings

Map of Ireland during Viking times
Dublin Castle in Viking times
Viking Boat Round tower at Glendalough

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Table of Contents

The Vikings
Viking Ireland
Viking Dublin
Scotland During the Viking Era
Brian Boru and the Battle of Clontarf
The Church During the Viking Era
Kings and Clans
Other Resources

The Vikings

Why the Vikings Came to Britain BBC
The Vikings (for children) BBC
Pirates and Privateers Cindy Vallar
Viking Pirates The Way of the Pirates
Viking timeline Jorvik Viking Centre
The Viking Raid on Lindisfarne
Lindisfarne - Viking Re-enactment Ydalir Vikings
History of the Vikings History World
Slavery and the Vikings Regia
The Vikings in France Bonjour La France
Viking Trade
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Viking Ireland

The Coming of the Vikings wesleyjohnston
Viking Ireland - Afterthoughts Cork University
The Vikings in Ireland
The Vikings in Ireland 795 - 840 ~hughobr
Vikings in Ireland Viking Answer Lady
Vikings in Ireland Your Irish
Vikings in Ireland Wikipedia
The Vikings - Ireland circa 800 AD rootsweb
The Viking Age in Ireland NCTE
Viking Longphorts in Ireland NCTE
Articles on the Vikings in Irish Journals (links page) NCTE
Vikings Cruithni
The Vikings and Ireland Cork University
Viking Ireland National Museum
The Northmen Library Ireland
Scandinavian relations with Ireland during the Viking period runeberg
The Archeaology of the Early Viking Age in Ireland NCTE
Dunmore Cave, Kilkenny 12Travel
Viking Wexford
Norse-Gaels Wikipedia
Norse Irish Fanaticus
The Annals of Ulster: Initial Viking Raids University of Cork
Ireland circa 950AD rootsweb
The Vikings and the Celtic Church Runeberg
Early Medieval Ireland (800 - 1166) Wikipedia
The Vikings Ireland's Eye
Vikings in Ireland Ivargault
Norse settlement on Beginish Island
Linn Duchaill: Ireland's unlikely Irish capital BBC
Viking site discovered in Co. Louth RTÉ
The Viking Invasion Your Irish
Viking and Medieval Ireland Local Histories
Vikings in Inishowen History of Donegal
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Viking Dublin

A History of Viking Dublin NCTE
Viking Dublin
Vikings in Dublin, or Dyflin as they called it
Viking Dublin Wikipedia
Dublin New Advent
Viking Longphort in Dublin Ath Cliath
Dublin's foundations: a Viking legacy Dublin Heritage
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Scotland During the Viking Era

The Vikings in Scotland and Ireland in the Ninth Century University of Cork
Iona, the Sacred Island Philip Coppens
Iona Historic UK
Iona Abbey Wikipedia
Iona Wikipedia
School of Iona New Advent
Kings of Dal Riada History Files
Scots and Picts BBC
Kenneth MacAlpine BBC
Kenneth MacAlpin Wikipedia
The Viking Invasions Hal MacGregor
The Vikings: 800 - 1066. England and Scotland BBC
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Brian Boru and the Battle of Clontarf

Brian Boru Wikipedia
Brian Boru Ireland Information
Brian Boru - Overlord of All Ireland BBC
Brian Boru Clare Library
Brian Boru: Ard Righ of All Ireland Ancient Worlds
The Rise of Brian Boru wesleyjohnston
Age of Brian Boru rootsweb
Brian Boru: Ard Righ of All Ireland Ancient Worlds
Brian Boru and Dynastic Upheaval wesleyjohnston
Brian Boru - an Irish Giant Project Iona
Brian Boru Preachan
Battle of Clontarf Wikipedia
History of Clontarf Castle Celtic Castles
The Battle of Clontarf
The Battle of Clontarf Ireland's Eye
Ireland 1014 Clontarf Online
History of Ireland (Brian Boru: Chapter Three) Jerry Desmond
Vikings (795-1100) Hugh O'Brien's home page
Brodir/Brodar, killer of Brian Boru Wikipedia
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The Church During the Viking Era

Archdiocese of Dublin Dublin Diocese
Erenagh Wikipedia
Devenish Island Cassidy Clan
The Coming of Christianity to Clare Clare Library
Tintern Abbey Heritage Ireland
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Kings and Clans

Kings of Munster rootsweb
Kings of Mide Wikipedia
Kingdoms circa 1100 rootsweb
The Monarchs of Ireland
High Kings of Ireland Wikipedia
Mael Sechnaill II Wikipedia
Kings of Dublin Wikipedia
Northern Uí Neill rootsweb
The Uí Neill and the High Kings rootsweb
Domnall Uí Neill Wikipedia
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Other Resources

Ireland 800 AD - 1100 AD Timeline Travels in Time
Limerick City Discover Ireland
Pictland The History Files
Chester's Irish Connections British History
Henry I BBC
Danes say sorry for Viking raids on Ireland Guardian
Viking Ireland Museum Exhibition National Museum of Ireland

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