Tudor Ireland

Hugh O'Neill
Silken Thomas
Sir Humphrey Gilbert
Edmund Spenser

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Table of Contents

Key individuals in Ireland
Other prominent individuals
English rule in Ireland
Religion and the Reformation
Irish culture and society
The early plantations
The Nine Years War
Other resources

Key Individuals in Ireland

Garret, the Great Earl of Kildare: 1477 - 1513 Library Ireland
Garret, Ninth Earl of Kildare Library Ireland
Hugh Roe O'Donnell Library Ireland
Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone Library Ireland
Hugh O'Neill, Second Earl of Tyrone Tudor Place
Hugh O'Neill, Second Earl of Tyrone Wikipedia
Hugh O'Neill New Advent
Hugh O'Neill: 1540 - 1616 NNDB
Shane O'Neill Wikipedia
Shane O'Neill North Antrim
Earls of Ormonde Wikipedia
Thomas Fitzgerald (Silken Thomas) Wikipedia
Thomas Fitzgerald, 15th Earl of Desmond Wikipedia
James FitzMaurice FitzGerald Wikipedia
Rory O'Donnell, First Early of Tyrconnell Wikipedia
Red Hugh O'Donnell Library Ireland
Red Hugh O'Donnell Finn Valley
Hugh O'Neill: religious chameleon, free spirit or ardent Catholic? NUI Maynooth
Thomas Butler: 10th Earl of Ormonde Wikipedia

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Other Prominent Individuals

Henry VI (15th century monarch) Royal Family website
Richard Plantagenet: Duke of York (15th century) Wikipedia
Richard, Duke of York (15th century) Spiritus Temporis
Richard, Duke of York (15th century) Luminarium
Henry VIII Royal Family website
Queen Elizabeth I Luminarium
Queen Elizabeth I Wikipedia
Queen Elizabeth I Royal Family website
Philip III of Spain Wikipedia
Charles Blount, First Earl of Devonshire Wikipedia
Charles Blount, Lord Mountjoy Tudor Place
Sir Henry Sidney, Lord Deputy Tudor Place
Henry Sidney Wikipedia
Sir Henry Sidney Luminarium
William FitzWilliam, Lord Deputy Tudor Place
Thomas Radclyffe, 3rd Earl of Sussex Wikipedia
Thomas Radclyffe 1911 Encyclopedia
Thomas Radclyffe Tudor Place
Sir Humphrey Gilbert Tudor Place
Humphrey Gilbert Wikipedia
Captain Richard Tyrell Wikipedia
Edmund Spenser Wikipedia

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The Rebellion of Silken Thomas Library Ireland
The Rebellion of Silken Thomas History Ireland
First Desmond Rebellion Wikipedia
Second Desmond Rebellion Wikipedia
Wars of Ireland (includes sixteenth century) Heritage History

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English Rule in Ireland

Poyning's Law: 1485 - 1494 Library Ireland
Poyning's Law Wikipedia
Poyning's Law - full text Statute Law UK
Henry VII and Ireland History Learning Site
The Story of Ireland (see last paragraphs for the Fall of the Kildares) Full Books
Ireland becomes a kingdom, 1541 Wikipedia
Henry VIII and Ireland Ireland in Schools
Surrender and regrant Wikipedia
Monarchy in Ireland Wikipedia
Tudor re-conquest of Ireland Wikipedia
Elizabeth and Ireland University of Wisconsin
Elizabeth and Ireland BBC/Open University
Turning Ireland English BBC
Elizabeth and Ireland BBC
The state of Ireland under Elizabeth Tudor McCarthy Montana
Tudor conquest cruithni
Humphrey Gilbert in Ireland Wikipedia

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Religion and the Reformation

Ireland's English Reformation Cambridge University Press
The Reformation: Anglican Timeline Anglican.org
The History of the Church of England Anglican.org
The Protestant Reformation and the Offaly and Munster Plantations Wesleyjohnston
The Counter-Reformation New Advent
Culture and Religion in Tudor Ireland, 1494 - 1558 Cork University
Irish priests attacked - woodcut British Library
The Church in Ireland during the reigns of Henry VIII and Edward VI Catholicity
Religious houses in Ireland Wikipedia
Reformation in Ireland Wikipedia
Controversy and Religious Identity in sixteenth century Ireland Oxford University Press
Alarm caused by the Reformation BBC

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Irish Culture and Society

The Poetic Brehon Lawyers of early sixteenth century Ireland University of California
Bards in sixteenth century Ireland W.W. Norton & Company
Agriculture in Ireland University of Cork
The Image of Irelande: woodcut plates of Tudor Ireland University of Edinburgh
An English view of Irish customs British Library
Irish music in the sixteenth century Library Ireland
The political structure of Gaelic Ireland BBC
Celtic dress of the 16th C Northern Arizona University
A history of Irish dance Ireland's Eye

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The Early Plantations

Tudor reconquest of Ireland Wikipedia
The Munster Plantation Wikipedia
Munster Plantation Tiscali Reference
The Munster Plantation Spiritus-Temporis
Settling Ireland, Scotland and America Ulster Virginia
16th century colonisation plans for Ulster BBC

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The Nine Years War

Tyrone's rebellion: 1594 - 1603 Zentrale für Unterrichtsmedien
The Battle of the Yellow Ford Library Ireland
Battle of the Yellow Ford Wikipedia
Nine Years War: Battle of the Yellow Ford History Net
The Battle of Kinsale Library Ireland
Siege of Kinsale Wikipedia
Ireland circa 1600 rootsweb
The defeat of Ulster and the Ulster plantation wesleyjohnston
Tyrone's rebellion Channel  Four
How Red Hugh went circuit against the English in the North, 1593 Library Ireland

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Other Resources

The War of the Roses War of the Roses
Henry VI and the outbreak of the Wars of the Roses University of Wisconsin
Old English (Ireland) Wikipedia
Ireland circa 1500 rootsweb
Image of Sir Henry Sidney returning to Dublin Castle Edinburgh University
Portrait of Silken Thomas art.co.uk
Tudor Overview Tudor History
Butler-Fitzgerald dispute Wikipedia
A View of the Present State of Ireland by Edmund Spenser (1596) University College Cork
Civilizing the natives: state formation and the Tudor monarchy, 1400 - 1603 Medievalists
Irishmen, aristocrats, and other white barbarians The Free Library

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