The Ulster Plantation

The Flight of the Earls
The Great O'Neill
Phelim O'Neill Banner of the Confederation of Kilkenny

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Table of Contents

The Flight of the Earls
Key Individuals
The Plantations
English Government
The 1641 Rising
The Civil War

The Flight of the Earls

Flight of the Earls Ireland's Eye
Flight of the Earls Wikipedia
The Flight of the Earls
Flight of the Earls site
The Flight of the Earls 1607
Irish historical mysteries: the flight of the earls Sean J Murphy at eircom

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Key Individuals

Hugh O'Neill Flight of the Earls
King James I Royal Family website
King James I BBC
King James and his mother, Mary Queen of Scots Marie Stuart
King James I Wikipedia
Sir Hugh Montgomery Wikipedia
James Hamilton Hamilton Montgomery
James Hamilton (picture) Cork University
King Charles I Royal Family website
King Charles I Luminarium
Sir Thomas Wentworth British Civil Wars
Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford Spartacus Schoolnet
Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford Wikipedia
Phelim O'Neill Wikipedia
Phelim Roe O'Neill searcs-web
Owen Roe O'Neill Wikipedia
Owen Roe O'Neill New Advent
Owen Roe O'Neill British Civil Wars

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The Plantations

The Hamilton and Montgomery settlement of 1606 Hamilton Montgomery
Easter Ulster 1606: The private enterprise of Hamilton and Montgomery Ulster Virginia
The Plantation of Ulster BBC
The Plantation of Ulster Library Ireland
The Plantation of Ulster Wikipedia
The Ulster Plantation Maddy Benny
The Ulster Plantation ~donegalstrongs at rootsweb
The London Companies BBC
Plans and implementation BBC
Reaction of the natives BBC
Personal perspective BBC
The Plantation of Ulster: its impact on the Catholic population BBC
Economic background of the settlers BBC
Economic and social conditions BBC
Religion and the plantation BBC
Settlement map BBC
The linguistic history of Ulster BBC
The City of London and the Plantation of Ulster (Word Document) BBC
Plantation of Ulster as part of the history of Derry Wikipedia
The Plantation of Ulster Derry's Walls
The Plantation of Ulster, 1609 - 1625 Our Family's Radical Genealogy Site
The Plantation of Ulster: The Story of County Fermanagh Enniskillen Castle
History of the Ulster Scots Wikipedia
The Ulster Plantation Ulster Ancestry
The Scotch-Irish Irish Genealogy
The Ulster Plantation
1598 - 1629: The Defeat of Ulster and the Ulster Plantation Wesley Johnston
The Ulster Plantation Ask About Ireland

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English Government

The Trew Law of Free Monarchies, by James I Wikipedia
Quotation from the Trew Law Jesus is Lord
Thomas Wentworth  in Ireland Library Ireland
The Graces Library Ireland
The Stuarts: 1603 - 1642 (timeline) Wisconsin University
The Puritans History on the Net
Stuart and Cromwellian rule: the Penal Laws Wikipedia
Early Modern Ireland, 1536 - 1691 Wikipedia

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The 1641 Rising
The Rebellion of 1641 Library Ireland
The Irish Uprising 1641 British Civil Wars
Irish Rebellion of 1641 Wikipedia
1641 Rebellion BBC
Portadown Bridge Massacre Wikipedia
The 1641 Rising Bygones and byways
The Irish massacre of Protestants (music) Scotch Ulster
Extract from the Irish massacres of 1641 - Depositions BBC
Daniel O'Connell's account of reprisals following the Rising Irish History Links
Bloody history of the 1641 rebellion is published on-line BBC
Witness statements from Irish rebellion and massacres of 1641 go online Guardian

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The Civil War

Civil War BBC/Open University
The Plantation, the 1641 Rising and the War of the '40s ~kthomas at
Role of the Scottish Covenanters Wikipedia
The Covenanters British Civil Wars
Cromwell's Irish Campaign 1649 - 50 Wikipedia
The English civil war and Cromwell Wesley Johnston
Confederate Ireland Wikipedia
Ireland and the War of the Three Kingdoms BBC
The Confederate Assembly of Kilkenny British Civil Wars
The Confederation of Kilkenny, 1642 - 1649 Library Ireland
Ireland 1641 - 1648
The Confederate War (the eleven years war) 1642 - 1653 British Civil Wars
The Confederate's War: 1623 - 1648 Wikipedia

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