The War of Independence

Two Black and Tans with a policeman and a soldier Michael Collins at Portobello (Cathal Brugha) barracks Tom Barry Sean Hogan's IRA flying column

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Table of Contents

Major events of the war
The Irish
The British
The Treaty
Other Resources

Major events of the war

Soloheadbeg, 1919 An Phoblacht
The rescue at Knocklong, 1919 Wikipedia
Irish mobs fight police in Derry, April 1920 New York Times
Bloody Sunday, 1920 Wikipedia
British denial of the Croke Park massacre Irish History Links
Kilmichael Ambush, 1920 Wikipedia
The Kilmichael Ambush Controversy Irish Democrat
Kilmichael Ambush The Irish War
'War of words' over battle BBC
The Burning of Cork, 1920 Irish Democrat
The Burning of Cork, 1920 Cork City Council
Confronting the Legacy of the Troubles in Rebel Cork Irish Independent
Terror and Reprisal BBC
The Custom House (burnt down 1921) Wikipedia
Sinn Feiners burn down  Dublin Custom House, 1921 New York Times
Selton Hill, 1921 Selton Hill

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The Irish

The IRA in the War of Independence Wikipedia
Chronology of Michael Collins Cork University
Michael Collins: 1880 - 1922 BBC
Michael Collins Wikipedia
Michael Collins Military History Online
Michael Collins Michael Collins Centre
Michael Collins: The Lost Leader Carlo O'Brien
The Big Fellow New York Times
Dan  Breen Wikipedia
Daniel Breen: 'Wanted for murder' Wikipedia
Tom Barry Wikipedia
The Story of an Irish Guerrilla Commander: Tom Barry Green Left
Seán Treacy Wikipedia
Tomás MacCurtain, Mayor of Cork Wikipedia
Mac Curtain family memoir Irish  Democrat
Terence MacSwiney: Irish Martyr The Wild Geese
Terence MacSwiney Wikipedia
The Death of Lord Mayor Terence MacSwiney Cork City Council
Terence MacSwiney: famous fasts in history Trivia Library
De Valera in America, 1920 New York Times
De Valera visits Florida Ua Tuathal at Tripod
The Forgotten Ten The Wild Geese
Joe O'Sullivan and Reggie Dunne Graham Stevenson

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The British

The Black and Tans BBC
The Black and Tans Wikipedia
The truth about the Black and Tans Martin Frost
What about making Black and Tans: the movie? The Guardian
Tomás MacCurtain murdered by the Black and Tans Irish Struggle
War of Independence: British response Wikipedia
The B-Specials Orangenet
British propaganda in Ireland 1920 Irish Democrat
Propaganda in Ireland in 1920/1921 - the origin of 'fake news' Indymedia
David Lloyd George: Post-War Prime Minister Wikipedia
British IRA Volunteers 1921 The Irish War

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The Treaty

The Truce (11th July 1921) General Michael Collins
Lloyd George acts for Irish peace Washington Post
The Anglo-Irish Treaty (6th December 1921) CAIN
Anglo-Irish Treaty, 6th December 1921 National Archives
The Anglo-Irish Treaty heathcliffiam at geocities
Irish Boundary Commission Wikipedia
Oath of Allegiance Wikipedia
The Treaty Ratified General Michael Collins

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Other Resources

The Irish War of Independence: an Overview BBC
The Irish War of Independence 1919 - 1921 suite101
The Irish War of Independence The Irish War
The Irish War of Independence and the IRA, 1916 - 1921 Three Monkeys
Conflicts in Ireland: The Irish War of Independence Tipperary Group
The Anglo-Irish War General Michael Collins
Constitution of Dáil Éireann: 1st April 1919 Irish Foreign Policy Documents
The Government of Ireland Act, 1920 Wikipedia
The Government of Ireland Act, 1920 CAIN
Politics and Irish Life, 1913 - 1921 (on-line book) Google Books
1919 in Ireland Wikipedia
The RIC during the Anglo-Irish War Wikipedia
Northern Ireland General Election, May 1921 Wikipedia
Northern Ireland (Stormont) Elections, 1921 - 69 CAIN
John Bull's other island: the road to partition Troops Out Movement
War of Independence and Civil War Clare Library
The Irish War of Independence Waterford Museum
The Origins of the Defence Forces Irish Military
The UVF at Partition Wikipedia
The Irishman who saved Hitler Irish Independent
Timeline of the Irish War of Independence Wikipedia
Athenry and the Irish War of Independence Athenry Local History
Famous Irish War of Independence Photo is a Fake Irish Central
Nationalism and the War of Independence British National Archives
The Irish War of Independence: A Religious War? The Irish Story
War of Independence Medals Irish War of Independence
War of Independence Medals Irish Medals
1916, War of Independence and Civil War: A workers' guide to Ireland Workers Liberty
Irish War of Independence enotes
The press and the Irish War of Independence (book review) Ian Kenneally
Cork historian challenges revisionist Peter Hart on Irish War of Independence Indymedia

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