The Omagh Bombing

Victims of the Omagh bombing and their families
Events of the Omagh bombing
The police investigation

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Victims of the Omagh bombing and their families

Omagh Support and Self Help Group
Those who died in the Omagh bomb - WesleyJohnston
The Omagh bomb - list of those killed - CAIN
The dead of Omagh - Michael McMullin
Names of those who died - BBC
The 29 lives taken in the biggest single atrocity of the Troubles - Guardian
Looking back with sorrow - BBC
Ongoing pain of Omagh victims - BBC
Omagh bomb victims remembered - BBC
Omagh relatives mount protest - BBC
Living with the Omagh legacy - BBC
Living with the aftermath of Omagh - BBC
The hurting - Guardian
Rebuilding but not forgetting - BBC
Omagh families demand Dublin hands over informer - Guardian
Omagh father's plea for justice - BBC
Omagh families want ministers quizzed - Guardian
Bush backs Omagh bomb action - BBC
Funds raised for Omagh bomb case - BBC
Omagh families get public money to pursue civil action - Guardian
Legal move against Omagh 'suspects' - BBC
Real IRA sued by victims families - Guardian
'Historical action' by Omagh families - BBC
Extracts from Omagh: Voices of Loss - CAIN
Omagh film stirs up pain of atrocity - Guardian
Omagh compensation application denied - Guardian
Omagh dad backs Real IRA demands - Guardian
Omagh families ask Gerry Adams for answers
Omagh widower calls Flanagan in civil action - Guardian
Omagh marks 10 years of deadly bombing - Guardian
'Ten years on, and Omagh is far from over for us' - Guardian
Civil action begins against Omagh suspects - Guardian
Omagh families sue Real IRA suspects over massacre - Guardian
Omagh families demand phone-tap files - Guardian
Omagh families say phone tap review will come too late - Guardian
PM to meet Omagh bomb relatives - BBC
Omagh bomb relatives to meet MPs - BBC
Omagh families' harrowing ordeal - BBC
Omagh relatives welcome verdict - BBC
Next legal steps for Omagh families - BBC
Omagh victims' relatives win right to sue Real IRA members over bombing - Guardian
Omagh families win multi-million pound legal case - Belfast Telegraph
Murphy acquittal 'blow' for Omagh families - RTÉ
Omagh bomb relative's case struck out - BBC
Blame RIRA for your wife's death - Belfast Telegraph
Omagh bomb victim's husband Laurence Rush dies - BBC

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Events of the Omagh bombing

Timeline - 1998 - 2007 - Guardian
Before the bomb - WesleyJohnston
The bomb explosion - WesleyJohnston
Survivors describe the Omagh bomb - WesleyJohnston
Responses to the bomb - WesleyJohnston
The Omagh bomb - main events - CAIN
Omagh bombing - Wikipedia
Omagh bomb timeline - Telegraph
'Bomb, Omagh town, 15 minutes' - Guardian
Omagh bombing kills 28 - BBC
National day of mourning call - BBC
Sad memories for Prince in Omagh - BBC
Scenes from the blast - BBC
Omagh bombing - contemporary reactions, BBC
Bomb atrocity rocks Northern Ireland - BBC
Real IRA apologises for Omagh bomb - BBC
Omagh bomb warnings released - BBC
Statement by Tony Blair, British Prime Minister - CAIN
Omagh claims 29th victim - BBC
The day the clocks stopped - BBC
Sinn Fein condemnation 'unequivocal' - BBC
Bobby Sand's sister condemns bombers - BBC
Mandelson 'changed' by Omagh bomb - BBC

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The police investigation

The police investigation - WesleyJohnston
Search for answers over Omagh bomb - BBC
Omagh families head to international courts - BBC
Omagh investigation under review - BBC
Mobile phones key to Omagh probe - BBC
Panorama - Who bombed Omagh? - BBC
Lawrence Rush accusing British Intelligence of ignoring warnings - Irish Freedom Committee
Inquiry into bomb 'early warning' - BBC
Tape linked to Omagh bomb claim - BBC
Move to dismiss Omagh bomb case - BBC
Summing up in Omagh bomb trial - BBC
RUC 'knew about' Omagh attack plan - BBC
Police critical of Omagh draft report - BBC
Omagh families shock at revelations - BBC
Political fallout after Omagh revelations - BBC
Fresh row over Omagh bomb report - BBC
Ombudsman details Omagh report - BBC
Ombudsman report: The Detail - BBC
Omagh bomb report 'grossly unfair' - BBC
Police 'must account for Omagh actions' - BBC
Sir Ronnie Flanagan - a profile - BBC
Sir Ronnie Flanagan - Guardian
Families shocked at Omagh report - BBC
Omagh report at-a-glance - BBC
Omagh report - the detail - BBC
Omagh report - PSNI rebuttal - BBC
Politicians react to Omagh 'riposte' - BBC
'Flawed judgement' over Omagh - BBC
Dissident [Colm Murphy] guilty of Omagh bomb plot - BBC
'Fear' prevents more Omagh convictions - BBC
Key Omagh witness 'lied' - BBC
Phone logs linked to bombing - BBC
Police chief meets with Omagh families - BBC
Lawyers 'not to view victims' scars' - BBC
Omagh detectives make arrest - BBC
Sean Hoey - Guardian
Justice for Sean Hoey - Irish Freedom Committee
Northern Ireland Policing Board Press Release, April 2003 - CAIN
Omagh blast 'shook Real IRA leader' - Guardian
Real IRA suspect sacks legal team - Guardian
The friendly American [Dave Rupert] who betrayed McKevitt - Guardian
Real IRA leader gets 20 years - Guardian
'Omagh's law' - Guardian
Two arrested over Omagh bombing - Guardian
The informer and the fatal trail to Omagh - Guardian
Omagh agent claims Garda let bomb pass - Guardian
MPs urge Omagh probe after Observer exposé - Guardian
Garda deny access to tip-off agent - Guardian
Bomb team furious at Garda claim - Guardian
Minister vows to change law to ban Real IRA - Guardian
Omagh - a 15 months DNA delay - Guardian
Man arrested in Omagh bombing case - Guardian
Special branch link to Omagh atrocity - Guardian
New inquiry into Omagh warning call - Guardian
Omagh bombing conviction overturned - Guardian
Man [Colm Murphy] jailed for Omagh bomb wins re-trial - Guardian
Man [Anthony Joseph Donegan] in court on Omagh charge - Guardian
Man [Sean Hoey] to face Omagh murder charges - Guardian
Omagh suspect will try to strike out case - Guardian
Electrician charged with 29 murders in Omagh bombing- Guardian
Trial ordered for Omagh bomb suspect - Guardian
Omagh bomb families back whistleblower - Guardian
Eight years on, electrician stands in the dock accused of Omagh bombing - Guardian
Tears shed as Omagh trial begins - BBC
Unwell QC apologises for new delay to Omagh trial - Guardian
British spy 'gagged' over Omagh - Guardian
Omagh trial charges move rejected - BBC
Sean Hoey found not guilty - BBC
Hoey cleared of Omagh bombing charges - Guardian
'Deliberate deception' says judge - BBC
Evidence valueless and police lied, says murder case judge - Guardian
Devastating findings highlighted police failures - Guardian
Omagh trial farce prompts inquiry calls - Guardian
Omagh's last victim: justice - Guardian
Judgement in full (pdf file) - BBC
DNA test halted after Omagh case - BBC
The flawed case against Hoey - Guardian
In quotes - reactions to the Omagh verdict - BBC
Chief suspect in Omagh bomb attack dead from cancer - Daily Mail
Police board calls in independent experts to re-examine Omagh bombing evidence - Guardian
Omagh bomb relatives launch action in high court - Guardian
Police officers tell court of warning calls confusion before Omagh bomb carnage - Guardian
Omagh trial hears of other bombs from same factory - Guardian
Omagh: Michael McKevitt shuns his £22,000 video link - Guardian
The long battle for justice - Guardian
GCHQ 'monitored Omagh bomb calls' - BBC
'Bombers' were tracked across border on their way to Omagh - Guardian
Explainer - GCHQ monitoring - Guardian
Cross border co-operation was a myth - BBC
PM orders review of Omagh tapes - BBC
Government resists calls for Omagh bomb enquiry - Guardian
Brown announces review to be carried out on Omagh intelligence material - Belfast Telegraph
BBC TV 'Panorama' investigation claims GCHQ was listening to bombers - An Phoblacht
Omagh lawyer calls for GCHQ secrets - Guardian
Report rejects Omagh bomb claims - BBC
GCHQ lacked technology to track Omagh bombers, say security sources - Guardian
Q&A: Omagh report - BBC
Renewed appeal for Omagh inquiry - BBC
Panorama's response to Omagh intelligence review - BBC
Omagh case officers 'did not lie' - BBC
Omagh detective demands apology - BBC
Court rejects Omagh calls request - BBC
FBI's mole in Real IRA 'was dishonest as the day is long' - Belfast Telegraph
Government's Omagh review slammed - BBC
Policemen refused to testify at Omagh bomb trial - Belfast Telegraph
Omagh suspect sought on arms plot - BBC
Decision on Omagh suspect [Liam Campbell] delayed - BBC
Omagh bombing suspect [Seamus Daly] attacked - BBC
Real IRA chief to blame for Omagh - BBC
Case that broke new legal ground - BBC
The men sued by the Omagh families - BBC
Evidence in the Omagh civil case - BBC
Police 'consider Omagh retrial' - BBC
Omagh bomb organiser [Seamus Daly's] drive ban - BBC
[Nuala] O'Loan says Omagh findings 'odd' - BBC
Arms accused [Liam Campbell] faces arms extradition - BBC
Omagh bombing could have been averted says police inspector - Belfast Telegraph
Doubt cast on Omagh bomb forensic witness - BBC
Omagh bomb conspiracy retrial of Colm Murphy begins - BBC
Omagh bomb accused Colm Murphy cleared by retrial - BBC
Downing Street defends Omagh bomb intelligence move - BBC
Omagh bombing intelligence inquiry needed, say MPs - Guardian
Omagh: Still no answers - Guardian
MPs slam response to bomb report - BBC
Omagh relatives to press Paterson for inquiry - BBC
Disappointed Omagh families fail to get probe commitment - Belfast Telegraph
Omagh civil case appeal could face delay - BBC
Omagh payout appeal begins - Guardian
Real IRA men challenging Omagh judgment attack MI5 evidence - Guardian
Omagh case appeal centres on MI5 agent's credibility - Guardian
Omagh victim gets go-ahead to sue police - Belfast Telegraph
Real IRA chief Michael McKevitt loses Omagh bomb appeal - BBC
Colm Murphy and Seamus Daly to face Omagh bomb retrials - BBC
Smithwick Tribunal: Patrick 'Mooch' Blair denies Omagh role - BBC
Men held responsible for Omagh bomb denied permission to appeal - BBC
'New evidence' over Omagh bombing - Belfast Telegraph
Omagh bombing civil retrial is confirmed - BBC
Online Omagh bomb files hacked -BBC
Omagh victims' relatives present new inquiry - RTÉ
Omagh bomb victims' relatives meet Owen Paterson - BBC
Omagh bomb pair McKevitt and Campbell 'go to European court' - BBC
Omagh bomb: Retrial of Colm Murphy and Seamus Daly begins - BBC
Omagh bomb: Colm Murphy's phone traced within 5km one hour before explosion - BBC
Omagh bomb: Colm Murphy and Seamus Daly found liable at retrial - BBC
Omagh bomb: Colm Murphy and Seamus Daly to appeal ruling - BBC

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