Fourknocks tomb Statue of a druid Monasterboice
Mellifont Penal cross Monster meeting for Catholic emancipation

Religion in Ireland

Prehistoric Religion
Celtic Mythology
Early Christianity
Medieval Christianity
The Reformation and Religious Repression
The Nineteenth Century
The Twentieth Century
Religion in Ireland Today

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Prehistoric Religion

The BBC's guide to Neolithic tombs
Knowth: a guide to megalithic passage tombs
Top ten megalithic and prehistoric sites in Ireland
Court, portal, passage and wedge tombs
Ancient tomb art found in path of Irish highway
Prehistoric Ireland
Further links to websites on tombs and archaeological finds
The Sheela na Gig theories
Sheela na Gig defined at Wikipedia
Religion in Ancient Ireland (up to St Patrick)
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Celtic Religion

Irish and Celtic culture and religion
Druids: their functions and powers
Magic and Mythology
Mystical Ireland
Tír na nÓg (Wikipedia)
The Celtic pantheon (Wikipedia)
Tuatha dé Danann (Wikipedia)
Tuatha dé Danann, People of the Goddess Danu
Overview of the Cycles (Mythological, Fenian, Ulster and Historical)
The Mythological Cycle
Ulster Cycle Texts
Ulaid/Ulster Cycle
The Fenian Cycle
The Cycle of the Kings ('Historical')
The Cycles of the Kings
The Historical Cycle
Guide to Celtic mythology
Irish  mythology (Wikipedia)
Irish mythology, literature, folklore and drama (links)
Irish and Celtic myths, legends and folklore
Irish mythology names
Irish mythology (recent view)
The god Lugus
Further links on Irish Celtic art and culture
Finding the Goddess in Ireland
Sheela Na Gig
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Early Christianity

St. Patrick
St. Colomba
St. Brigid
St. Brigid
Brigid (pagan goddess turned saint)
Brigid in the Early Irish Medieval Church
Irish monks and the voyage of St. Brendan
The story of St. Brendan
Did Irish monks build this New England chamber circa 700 A. D.?
Irish monk beehive-shaped stone huts
The Irish Monastery Movement
Monastic Ireland
Early Irish Monasteries
Early Christian Irish Monasteries
The Irish Monasteries
Monasticism in Ireland
Irish monks (children's page)
Christian Celtic art
Dark Ages lit by Irish monks' computing skills
Names of Irish Saints
Irish Saints
Coming of Christianity
Early Christian History (Wikipedia)
The Synod of Whitby 664
The Book of Kells (Wikipedia)
Irish cross pillars and cross slabs (pagan stones made Christian)
The Venerable Bede and Ireland (written 731 AD)
Further links to the Christianisation of Ireland
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Medieval Christianity

Dublin Christ Church Cathedral
St Patrick's Cathedral
The Anglo-Norman ecclesiastical influence
Jews arrive in Ireland (Wikipedia)
Priory of St. Dominic, Athy, Co. Kildare
Limerick Cathedral
Carlingford Abbey

The Dominicans before the Reformation

Dominicans in Ireland
Medieval Franciscan Friaries
Pre-Reformation Church Music in Ireland
Carmelites in Pre-Reformation Ireland
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The Reformation and Religious Repression

The Protestant Reformation and the Offaly & Munster Plantations
Ireland 1536 - 1691 (Wikipedia)
Blessed Oliver Plunkett
Irish Catholic Martyrs (Wikipedia)
Irish Confessors and Martyrs
Religious persecution in Ireland
Puritanism in Ireland and Wales
Penal Laws
Penal Laws (Wikipedia)
Irish Penal Laws
Penal Laws
Penal Laws
Anti-Catholicism in Ireland (Wikipedia)
The Doneraile Mass Rock
Persecution of Presbyterians
Presbyterians in Ireland
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The Nineteenth Century

History of Maynooth College
Daniel O'Connell
Catholic Association
Catholic Relief Act 1829 (Wikipedia)
Catholic Emancipation (Wikipedia)
Catholic Emancipation
Catholic Emancipation
The Campaign for Catholic Emancipation
Catholic Emancipation
How Rome seized power (Ian Paisley's view)
Further links on Catholic emancipation
Jews in Ireland (Wikipedia)
Profile: The Orange Order
The History of Orangeism
The Maynooth Grant
Orangeism denounced by the Father Matthew Temperance Society
Paul Cullen
Paul Cullen
Theobald Mathew (temperance reformer) (Wikipedia)
The Irish Christian Brothers in 19th-century Newfoundland
Industrial Schools (Wikipedia)
Ireland: culture and religion 1815 - 1870
Shrine of Our Lady at Knock
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The Twentieth Century

Limerick 'pogrom' (Wikipedia)
Rome Rule (Wikipedia)
Church power in the south... Home Rule or Rome Rule?
'A Protestant Parliament for a Protestant People' (Wikipedia)
A History of Neglect (in religious-run industrial schools)
Confessions of an Irish censor
Censorship in mid-twentieth century Ireland
Persecution and Protection of Jews (Wikipedia)
Archbishop John Charles McQuaid (Wikipedia)
'Against the Tide' (power of the Catholic church)
The Magdalene Laundries
Fethard-on-Sea case (Wikipedia)
Fethard Boycott Recalled
The Contraceptive Corp
1979: Pope calls for peace in Ireland
The Pope in Ireland - a Salute to Irish Faith
The Pope's visit to Ireland
The Virgin Mary and the 'tainted' teenage girl who came to her sanctuary
Ireland votes for divorce
Sexual abuse cases: the government solution in Ireland, (Wikipedia)
Investigating child abuse in Ireland
Bishops urge opposition to abortions in Northern Ireland
Amnesty faces ban in Northern Ireland's Catholic schools
Catholic Church faces new crisis - Ireland is running out of priests
Once an exporter of priests, Ireland now has too few
Churches together in Britain and Ireland: current issues
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Religion in Ireland Today

The Catholic Church
St. Vincent de Paul Society
Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage
Dominican Nuns
Church of Ireland
Free Presbyterians
Ian Paisley's 'European Institute of Protestant Studies'
Reformation Ireland
Hindu Cultural Centre
Vinayaka Temple (Hindu)
Buddhist Centre
Irish Sikh Council
Irish Druids
Irish Druid College
Blasphemy campaign
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