April 2017

History Selection

Drogheda St Mary D'Urso, 1902
St Lawrence Gate at Drogheda
St Lawrence Gate
Drogheda, viaduct over Boyne
Obelisk at Drogheda
St Lawrence Gate at Drogheda, 1907
St Lawrence Gate
Boyne valley, Drogheda
Boyne valley

Ireland in 1996

January 14th: Sinn Féin stated that the idea of a new elected assembly at Stormont was a 'non-runner'.

January 24th: The Mitchell Principles were proposed, suggesting six principles of demoracy and non-violence as conditions for entry into all-party talks in Northern Ireland.

February 5th: The Football Association of Ireland appointed Mick McCarthy as manager of the Irish football team.

February 9th: A large PIRA bomb exploded near Canary Wharf in London, marking the end of a 17-month IRA ceasefire.

February 11th: TV drama Ballykissangel first aired.

Aftermath of the Canary Wharf bomb

Aftermath of the Canary Wharf bomb

Inside Crumlin Road Gaol

Inside Crumlin Road Gaol

March 4th: A period of 'proximity' talks began between Northern Irish parties. Sinn Féin was refused entry and the UUP and DUP refused to participate.

March 11th: The Hepatitis Tribunal opened in Dublin.

March 31st: The Crumlin Road (HM Prison) in Belfast closed.

April 2nd: British Home Secretary Michael Howard introduced new emergency legislation to give police in Northern Ireland the right to 'stop and search' suspected members of paramilitary groups.

April 24th: The IRA bombed Hammersmith Bridge in London. On the same day, the Dispatches programme claimed that the British government had been in secret talks with Sinn Féin since 1990.

May 18th: Ireland won the Eurovision Song Content for the seventh time with The Voice, sung by Eimear Quinn.

May 30th: Elections took place to the Northern Ireland Forum.

June 6th: President Mary Robinson met Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

June 7th: Detective Garda Jerry McCabe was shot dead by the IRA in Adare, County Limerick.

June 10th: Talks began at Stormont.

Eimear Quinn at Eurovision

Eimear Quinn at Eurovision

Kieran Kelly, jockey

Kieran Kelly, jockey

June 15th: The IRA bombed Manchester, injuring 200 people.

June 17th: The Fifteenth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland was signed into law, repealing the absolute constitutional prohibition of divorce.

June 26th: Crime reporter Veronica Guerin was shot dead in her car in Dublin.

July 7th: The annual Drumcree standoff began, leading to rioting. There two related deaths.

July 13th: The CIRA bombed the Kilyhelvin Hotel in Enniskillen.

August 7th: Marie Jones' play Stones in His Pockets was premiered in Belfast.

August 19th: Jimmy Smith, who had escaped from the Maze/Long Kesh prison in 1983, was extradited from the USA.

September 25th: The last Magadelene asylum closed, in Waterford.

September 26th: Enda Walsh's play Disco Pigs was premiered by the Corcadorca Theatre Comapny in Cork.

October 1st: The radio station Belfast CityBeat began broadcasting.

October 7th: The IRA exploded two bombs at Thiepval barracks, killing a soldier.

Veronica Guerin

Veronica Guerin

Scene from 'Michael Collins'

Scene from 'Michael Collins'

October 31st: Teilifís na Gaeilge (TnaG), Ireland's first Irish language television station, was launched.

November 3rd: Irish-language soap opera Ros na Rún was first aired.

November 6th: The film Michael Collins was shown in Cork and Dublin.

November 29th: It was reported that Dunnes Stores paid £208,000 for an extension to Minister Michael Lowry's house.

December 13th: An EU summit opened in Dublin. EU leaders achieved a breakthrough in the argument over preparations for a single European currency.

December 23rd: Sophie Toscan du Plantier, a French film-maker, was murdered outside her holiday home in Schull, County Cork.

Nelson's Column Destroyed, 1966

Nelson's column destroyed, 1966

Nelson's column destroyed, 1966

Irish History on Film

The Story of Ireland: 1 of 5. Invasions

The Story of Ireland: 2 of 5. Age of Conquest

The Rocky Road to Dublin

James Stephens

Macmillan and Co., Ltd, St. Martin's Street London


College Green

When you meet an ancient man,
Be as silent as you can;
So when old age comes to you,
Courtesies shall gather too.
And King Billy's horse will start
From our street and from our heart,
When each Irishman shall be
Perfected in courtesy.

Mount Street

Here and there on the wings of night
A fleck of blue and purple light,
A scrap of cloud, a bird, a star,
A comet hurrying afar
On the abyss, and the moon
Standing in her silver shoon.
On the summit of the sky,
Delicate and proud and high,
The silver moon on a silver sea
Spins her silver broidery
While the stars send down a light
Here and there on the wings of night.

Westland Row

Every Sunday there's a throng
Of pretty girls, who trot along
In a pious, breathless state
(They are nearly always late)
To the Chapel, where they pray
For the sins of Saturday.
They have frocks of white and blue,
Yellow sashes they have too,
And red ribbons show each head
Tenderly is ringleted;
And the bell rings loud, and the
Railway whistles urgently.
After Chapel they will go,
Walking delicately slow,
Telling still how Father John
Is so good to look upon,
And such other grave affairs
As they thought of during prayers.

The College of Science

Who knows a thing and will not tell
Shall spend eternity in hell;
But he who learns and teaches free
In heaven spends eternity.
Around the Leinster Lawn we go
Into Molesworth Street, and so
To Saint Stephen's Green, where we
Hang a banner on a tree.

Dublin Men

A Dublin man will frown when he
Hears a tale of villainy;
But when a kindness you relate,
He swings and whistles on the gate.

O'Connell Bridge

In Dublin town the people see
Gorgeous clouds sail gorgeously,
They are finer, I declare,
Than the clouds of anywhere.
A swirl of blue and red and green,
A stream of blinding gold, a sheen
From silver hill and pearly ridge
Comes each evening on the bridge.
So when you walk in a field, look down,
Lest you tramp on a daisy's crown,
But in a city look always high
And watch the beautiful clouds go by.

Charlotte Street

Inside a soap shop, down a lane,
A big bee buzzed on a window-pane,
Climbing the cold glass up and down;
Bee, what brought you into town?
You are tired and hungry and scarce alive,
Poor old Shaggy-Tail! where's your hive?

George's Street

Listen! if but women were
Half as kind as they are fair,
There would be an end to all
Miseries that do befall.
Cloud and wind would run together
In a dance of sunny weather,
And the happy trees would throw
Gifts to travellers below.
Then the lion, meek and mild,
With the lamb would, side by side,
Couch him friendly, and would be
Innocent of enmity.
Then the Frozen Pole would go,
Tossing off his fields of snow,
And would shake delighted feet
With the girls of George's Street.
These, if women only were
Half as kind as they are fair.