St Peter's Roman Catholic Church                                     St  Peter's Roman Catholic Church

Built in modern Gothic style and set well back from West Street at the top of a double flight of steps, St Peter's Church hosts the shrine of St Oliver Plunkett which still receives many visitors. Outside the main door stands an octagonal medieval baptismal font, mounted on a modern pedestal and plinth. Today it is used as a holy water stoup. The font came originally from the old church at Killineer, a chapel of ease of the medieval Church of St Peter. The first church on this site, founded in 1791, was designed by Francis Johnston; it still forms part of the present building, which itself was constructed in 1881.

Statue of Oliver Plunkett
                                    St. Oliver Plunkett

Oliver Plunkett was ordained a priest in 1654, but could not initially return to Ireland from Rome because of the persecution of Catholics following the Cromwellian invasion. On his return in 1670, he showed himself to be a strong moral leader, but his respite was short; the persecution recommenced three years later and Plunkett was forced into hiding. His capture in 1679 was to lead to his gruesome execution in London, making him the final Catholic martyr to die in England. His remains were recovered and ultimately brought to St Peter's church in 1921, where the shrine still exists.
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