Historical Documentation

Malin Head   Prehistoric Inishowen The Venerable Bede    The Venerable Bede and Ireland
Hugh O'Neill   A Jacobean Journal Daniel O'Connell    O'Connell's Memoir of Ireland (1640s)
Oliver Cromwell    Oliver Cromwell's letters from Ireland John Wesley    John Wesley in Ireland
The Repeal Association    The Age We Live In: 1829 Irish peasants    A Plea for Peasant Proprietors
People boarding a famine ship    The Grosse Île Tragedy 1848 Young Ireland Rebellion    John Mitchel's Jail Journal
William Carleton's birthplace    Carleton Illustrations Volume One 'Faver'    Carleton Illustrations Volume Two
Faction fight    The Battle of the Factions Advertisement for a schoolmaster    The Hedge School
Thomas Carlyle    Carlyle's Irish Journey, 1849 Queen Victoria as a young woman    Queen Victoria's letters
Parnell as a young child    Parnell: His Family Charles Stewart Parnell    Parnell: The First Home Rule Bill
William Ewart Gladstone    Gladstone and the Irish Revolution Lisconnel interior    Windfall by Jane Barlow, 1892
Gaelic Athletic Association symbol    The Gaelic Revival The Wicklow Mountains    Wicklow before 1912
Patrick Pearse    This Generation: Ireland 1900 - 1926 Castle in Limerick    Limerick and Clare in 1935
Irish Flag    The Irish Tangle for English Readers Irish racing at the Curragh    The Irish Horse in 1944
The UDR and RUC     UDR and Intelligence: 1974
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