Punch after the Great Famine

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Peel's panacea for Ireland, April 1849
Landing of Queen Victoria in Ireland, August 1849
The new Irish still, August 1849
The fiery cross, August 1851
The pope's brass band, May 1853

Peel's panacea for Ireland
Sir Robert Peel, speaking in the House of Commons, developed his own views on Ireland, and suggested a plan for the redemption of landed property in that country.
Landing of Queen Victoria in Ireland
Her Majesty the Queen visited Ireland and was received with great enthusiasm by her loyal Irish people.
The new Irish still
Some remarkable discoveries as to the useful properties of Irish bog were made known at this time.
The Fiery Cross!
The Ecclesiastical Tithes Bill passed in the House of Lords without a division. In Ireland, Drs.  Cullen and Cahill made treasonable and ridiculous harangues, but the Government had the good sense to let them proceed unchecked.
A row amongst the Pope's brass band
The Irish section of the House of Commons was designated 'The Pope's Brass Band'.
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