Hurling team circa 1900 Boys at St Enda's school William Butler Yeats

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Table of Contents

Cultural Revival
Social Reforms
Key Individuals
Political Movements
Other Resources

Cultural Revival

Douglas Hyde, Eoin O'Neill and the Gaelic League National Library of Ireland
Conradh na Gaeilge Wikipedia
Gaelic Revival Wikipedia
Gaelic Revival Visit Ireland
All creeda and all classes? Just who made up the Gaelic League? Find Articles
The Gaelic Athletic Association Irish Society
History of the Gaelic Athletic Association Wikipedia
Michael Cusack, Maurice Davin and the Gaelic Athletic Association National Library of Ireland
W.B. Yeats and the Irish Literary Revival National Library of Ireland
Attitudes of Anglo-Irish writers to the Irish Language   (Word document) Utrecht University
Cultural Revival BBC
St Enda's School Wikipedia
Book review of Pearse's Patriots h-net
The 'Sinn Fein' newspaper Wikipedia
The 'United Irishmen' newspaper Wikipedia
Cultural Nationalism BBC
The Gaelic Revival by D.P. Moran Irish History Links
Irish Ireland Cork University
'Those primarily concerned with Irish culture' National Library of Ireland

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Social Reforms

Local Government of Ireland Act, 1898 Wikipedia
Wyndham's Land Act, 1903 BBC
William O'Brien as architect of the Land Act Wikipedia
Old Age Pensions Act Spartacus Schoolnet
Old Age Pensions Act 1908 Wikipedia
National University of Ireland, established 1908 National University of Ireland
National University of Ireland Wikipedia

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Key Individuals

William Ewart Gladstone BBC
Augustine Birrell (Chief Secretary for Ireland 1907 - 1916) Wikipedia
Augustine Birrell National Library of Ireland
Queen Victoria British Monarchy
King Edward British Monarchy
James Larkin Wikipedia
James Larkin Spartacus Schoolnet
Joseph Devlin, MP Wikipedia
James Connolly Cork University
Patrick Pearse Ireland Information
Arthur Griffith Cork University
Arthur Griffith BBC
John Redmond Spartacus Schoolnet
Tom Clarke Wikipedia
William O'Brien Wikipedia
Herbert Asquith First World War
William Butler Yeats Nobel Prize
George A. Birmingham Wikipedia

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Political Movements of This Era

Ulster Unionist Council, 1905 BBC
Irish Transport and General Workers' Union Wikipedia
Irish Trades Union Congress European Foundation
Sinn Fein and Socialism, by James Connolly
Early days of Sinn Fein Wikipedia
The Irish Republican Brotherhood BBC
Later history of the IRB Wikipedia
All-for-Ireland League Wikipedia
United Irish League Wikipedia
United Irish League Timescapes
Irish Parliamentary Party BBC
John Redmond and the Irish Parliamentary Party National Library of Ireland
Ancient Order of Hibernians Wikipedia
Conservative Party Manifesto, 1910 Conservative Manifesto
Second Conservative Party Manifesto, 1910 Conservative Manifesto
The Liberal Zenith Wikipedia

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Other Resources

'Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Dublin', 1808  (On-line book)
Home Rule debate in the House of Lords, September 1893 Explore Parliament
The Second Home Rule Bill BBC
'The Irish Land Question' by James Connolly, 1898
'Parnellism and Labour' by James Connolly, 1898
The Queen in Dublin, 1900 Chapters of Dublin
Tim Harrington, journalist and politician who refused to meet King Edward Wikipedia
The 1906 Election Liberal History
United Kingdom General Election Wikipedia
'Against Home Rule: the Case for the Union' by Arthur Balfour Cork University
'The Framework of Home Rule' by Erskine Childers ihaystack
'Obiter Dicta' by Augustine Birrell
Ireland: the main events, 1893 to 1920 History Home
Home Rule and Ireland History Learning Site
Irish Labour History: the Rise of the Unions Socialist Party at geocities
Class struggle in Belfast: 1880 - 1920 indymedia
Gaelic and Gaelic Culture ibiblio
History of the Irish Language Wikipedia
Protestants and the Irish Language: Historical Heritage and Current Attitudes in Northern Ireland CAIN
Postcards from around Ireland in the early twentieth century The Letter Repository
Old Photographs of Cork My Ireland Tour

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